10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

The holiday season is upon us which means the season for entertaining has officially arrived. Whether your gatherings will be large or more intimate this year, these 10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining will come in extra handy.

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

I have found myself at the Dollar Tree more times than I can count in the last couple of months. My friend, Melanie, introduced me to a brand new one that opened up not too far from her house and it’s literally the best Dollar Tree I’ve ever been to. It’s kind of magical!

It’s in an area that isn’t as developed yet so the store is literally stocked with everything you could imagine and plenty of it!  Unfortunately, there’s a ton of building happening in the area so I’m sure it won’t last forever. Guess I need to get all my visits in now before the rest of the world finds out about it!

While strolling around Dollar Tree in one of my most recent visits, I found myself stocking up on some of my favorite entertaining items from the store. As someone who entertains often, whether big or small, I find myself using some of the same Dollar Tree items over and over again to make my life a little easier. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it would be beneficial to share with you some of the tried and true items I religiously buy from Dollar Tree for any gathering I throw. Although my holiday gatherings will only consist of our immediate family this year, you best believe I will be using many of these Dollar Tree items throughout the season.

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

Plastic Scoops

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

I absolutely love these guys! They come in both large and small sizes and then within the packages you’ll find two varying sizes as well. I love using these for serving things like my Football Trail Mix

I’ve also used them when creating food-themed bars. For example, they work really well for popcorn bars where you set out different types of popcorn and candies such as M&M’s or Skittles to create your own fun popcorn mix. 

Plastic Tongs

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

I love a good pair of plastic tongs just as much as I love those plastic scoops I just shared. These tongs in particular work really well at a cocktail bar. Guests can use them to pick up lemons, limes, and even cherries to add to their cocktails.

They’re also pretty nice on a charcuterie board to pick up meats, cheeses, and even olives! I like adding them to my fruit platters and vegetable platters to keep from extra fingers touching all the food. 

Shot Cups

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

I’m clearly aware that some of our parties might be a little much for some and that’s totally okay with me. If you’re like us, however, you definitely want to pull out your ski shot and pour yourself and your guests some shots in these disposable shot cups. The clean up is super easy and you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking your real shot glasses in all the craziness.

woman using a ski shot

Jello Shot Cups/Condiment Cups

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

These are the cups I use to make all my pudding and jello shots in. Thus far, I’ve shared an orange creamsicle jello shot recipe, chocolate and cafe tequila pudding shot recipe, and apple pie pudding shot recipe on the blog using these exact little plastic containers.

These are also great to hold sauces or dressing for when your guests want to take home leftovers!

Plastic Bowls and Trays

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

You’d be amazed at the quality and selection of plastic bowls and trays there are at Dollar Tree these days. They can honestly pass for the real deal in most cases. I love using these plastic bowls and trays for parties because I don’t stress about having them out and the possibility of them breaking. If they break, no biggie, I’m just out a dollar plus tax!

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

Secrets revealed…Sometimes I don’t even bother washing them and just toss them in the garbage instead. Have you done something similar?

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

Plastic tablecloths and silverware as well as paper plates, bowls, cups, and napkins

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

I love using all of the above for my more casual gatherings. You best believe you’re eating on a paper plate for tailgating or any other game day in our house. If it’s a more formal get together or holiday, I will usually just leave out paper goods for the appetizers and desserts but stick with glass for the main meal.

One thing I want to mention is the quality of the paper plates aren’t sturdy enough for larger portions of food. Dollar Tree does carry a plastic variety of plates that I would recommend if you were serving something like pasta that might bleed or be extra heavy. 

Aluminum pans

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

Disposable aluminum pans are a must to have in your kitchen when entertaining. I love the fact that you can cook in them and then throw them out when you’re done. It gives you one less thing to have to clean up at the end of an event. You’ll be thanking me for this recommendation at the end of your next party when you’re pooped and too tired to wash dishes!

Foil Sheets

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

These pre-cut sheets allow you to fly through clean-up. You can quickly wrap up all your leftovers and get them in the fridge in a jiffy.  

Plastic Serving Set

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

These are technically made to serve salad (which you can totally use them for), but I like to split them up and use them as serving pieces for my dishes. If you have guests bringing dishes to share, I highly recommend buying a few of these serving sets. Most likely your guests will not bring their own serving utensils and these will come in extremely handy. I’m telling you this one from experience!

Paper Pom Poms

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

Call me cheesy, but I’m slightly obsessed with these paper pom poms. I use them as party decor and even squeeze them into my holiday decor whenever I can. I feel like they make a statement…and take up a good amount of dead space on a wall, mantle, etc. I tend to stock up on all different colors so I have them on hand whenever I need them!

These 10 items are some of the best Dollar Tree buys I’ve found for entertaining. I’ve personally used them all and go back for more time and time again. Whether you’re hosting a house full of people, or just keeping it small with your immediate family, I know these Dollar Tree items will help you out along the way.

Woman holding Dollar Tree Bag

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10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

10 Best Dollar Tree Buys for Entertaining

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    1. Lol! I think we all go for certain things and rarely veer from those items. Hopefully, this gets you thinking about other items for your next trip to Dollar Tree.

  1. Great finds! I would say I need to star buying those disposable aluminum pans for my Christmas party, but I doubt we’ll be allowed to have it this year…womp womp.

    I actually have those teal and blue pom poms hanging in my classroom! They give off such a fun vibe!

    1. I love the pom-poms in ALL THE COLORS!! Lol! They really are the best to add a little something special in a space.

  2. Like you, Tiffany–I’m obsessed with the Dollar Store! And like you–I’m there pretty much every week. I’ve purchased some of the neat entertaining pieces you suggest–but since my grandkids come up each week–I’m in the craft, paper, and paint section. I don’t know who came up with this entrepreneurial idea–but it’s fabulous! Thanks for all the great suggestions–I’ll widen my scope this week when I’m at the Dollar Store!

    1. I love Dollar Tree for craft supplies too!! It’s such a great little spot with the best prices around…obviously.

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