15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

From the Queen of Thirsty Thursdays, here’s my list of 15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers. All these gift ideas are perfect for cocktail lovers in your life.

15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Christmas is in 9 days and if you’re like the majority of the population, you’re probably still scurrying to find those last-minute Christmas gifts. If you happen to have a cocktail lover on your list still to buy for, you’ve definitely come to the right place. I guess you can say I know a thing or two about cocktails.

I’m pretty much the Queen of cocktails around these parts. I set aside every Thursday here on the blog to create delicious cocktails to share for the world to enjoy. A few of my personal favorites are my Strawberry Margaritas on the Rocks, White Claw Spitzers, and Sand Bucket Cocktail. Yum!!

With all this expertise I have in cocktail making, I am definitely more than certified to share some gift ideas for the cocktail lovers in your life. I know these gift items are sure to be a hit with any of your drink-loving family and friends. You’ll instantly be promoted to Rock Star Status in their eyes, guaranteed!

15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Cocktail set: Every cocktail lover has to have a good cocktail set to make their delicious concoctions with. This set has everything you could possibly need to make an A-plus adult beverage! A great starter kit for anyone who loves to make cocktails on your list!

Complete Cocktail Set

Stemless champagne flutes: These beautiful champagne flutes would make a wonderful gift. Include these glasses with a nice bottle of champagne and you’ll be helping your friend or family member gear up just in time for New Year’s Eve!

stemless champagne flutes

Champagne stopper: My friend, Brittany, shared this gift idea on her blog last week and I instantly put it in my cart. It arrived on Sunday…just in time for mimosas! I purchased the rose gold color and it’s super duper classy!

champagne stopper

Bourbon cherries: These scrumptious bundles of joy are the ultimate addition to any cocktail but most definitely to your Old Fashion Cocktails. My husband goes crazy for these guys!

Bourbon cherries

Crushed ice maker: This is the ultimate gift on this list in my personal opinion! It’s also one of the most expensive gifts listed but it is totally worth it!! Who doesn’t like crushed ice in their drinks?! This ice maker is small enough to sit right on your bar countertop. 

crushed ice maker

Metal ice cubes: If you’re the person who doesn’t like ice in your cocktails because you think it waters it down, try these metal ice cubes instead. They’re reusable so you’re actually saving the environment too. Kind of a win-win in my book!

metal ice cubes

Drinko: It’s the alcohol-related version of the popular game Plinko from the show, The Price is Right. Drinking party games are always a blast but add a little nostalgia to them and it takes your party game to the next level. 

Drinko party game

Wine stem charms: I’m loving these adorable wine charms that wrap around the stems of your wine glasses. The different colors help everyone identify their personal glass of wine while hosting a party or dinner gathering. The vibrant colors really set these wine stem charms apart from other options out there.

wine stem charms

Cocktail picks: These pretty cocktail picks are perfect for holding those Bourbon cherries listed above or even some stuffed olives for your martinis or Bloody Mary’s. They are washable and can be used over and over again!

martini picks

Wine bottle and glass holder: This is a beautiful vessel to transport a nice bottle of wine outside by the fire pit for you and your honey. Plus you can do it much more safely…probably with one hand! I love the classy edge to it.

wine bottle and glass holder

Beer flight holder: This is a pretty epic gift idea for the beer lovers in your life. While everyone else is enjoying their nice glass of wine, they can indulge in some delicious beer right along with them. I think this gift idea is awesome!

beer flight holder

Martini glasses: These Mikasa martini glasses come in a set of four and have the prettiest designs on them! They would make a great gift with a bottle of good vodka and some olives. I’d even add the cocktail picks above.

Mikasa martini glass set

Cocktail smoker: Want to take your cocktails to the next level? Try smoking them!! I’m absolutely loving this cocktail smoker as a great gift idea for the manly-man in your life. Although I will say, I wouldn’t mind a little smokey flavor to my own cocktails every once in a while either.

cocktail smoker

Bar mat: This bar mat is absolutely amazing. Not only does it give you a designated place to make your cocktails without leaving a mess on the counter, but you also have a place to prep and hold your cocktail ingredients. My favorite part?! The built-in circle to add your salt or sugar for those Spicy Mango Margaritas you know you love!

Bar mat

Whiskey and cigar combo glass: If a gorgeous glass to drink your whiskey in wasn’t enough, how about this awesome cocktail glass that has the perfect hidden spot to also hold your cigar. I’m sorry, but this glass is EPIC! I thought I was done shopping for Patrick, but he might be getting this for Christmas now too. He needs this in his life!

whiskey glass with cigar holder


These 15 gift ideas for the cocktail lovers in your life are sure to make someone extra happy on your gift list this year. They’ll definitely know Santa put them on his nice list if you purchase any one of these presents for them. Happy Shopping to you!

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15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

15 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

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