5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money

Take care of your wallet and read the 5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money from a woman who has been to more Pampered Chef parties than she can count!  All kidding aside, I absolutely love Pampered Chef.  Make sure to snag my list of the 5 Pampered Chef Items I swear by before you leave. 

Take care of your wallet and read the 5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money from a woman who has been to more Pampered Chef parties than she can count. Plus, learn what 5 products you should be buying by printing my free printable. #KitchenGadgets #pamperedchef #lakelifestateofmind It happened a little over 10 years ago. Zach was about two years old at the time. We were living in our first home and finally starting to get the hang of what it meant to be adults! Patrick was doing well at his job and everything was falling into place. We were starting to feel comfortable and ready to take the next step in our lives.

I’m sure you’re wondering what step I’m referring to. Looking back I can see how this would’ve been a great time to have another baby since things were going “as planned” in our lives.  That would be the perfect end to a perfect story but anyone who knows us well will tell you that we’re far from perfect. So that’s not what we did…

Instead of a brand new baby, we purchased a brand new house! The kind of house that you pick after looking at a zillion different models and then watch it get built. Although not the same as having an actual baby, building a home and dealing with all the craziness that goes along with it can be somewhat comparable. 

So at the young age 25 years old, with a 3-year-old son, me and “The Boys” moved into our new home in the suburbs. Here’s a picture of our very first home so you know where we came from, my friends! 

We lived on a quiet little cul-de-sac filled with families very similar to our own. The kids played in the street while the moms talked about the struggles and realities that came along with raising children. Dirty diapers and clothes that never went away, temper tantrums for no reason at all, and creating nighttime routines that were nothing but epic fails. Motherhood was no joke and us moms needed a break!

And that’s when the planning began. Before you get excited, let me start by saying a suburb mom’s definition of fun is completely different than what you’re thinking. You’re probably envisioning a group of crazy moms dancing the night away at a fancy nightclub or maybe having a few too many drinks at a local bar. Although that sounds like a blast, and probably was much needed at the time, that was not the type of fun we were having.

Our definition of fun was…let me think how can I say this lightly…LAME! We planned a Pampered Chef Party, people! And we were so stinking excited about it too! I personally had never been to one and I just couldn’t wait to go. A night with no kids, some wine, and cooking products sounded phenomenal to me. Major lame-o here. 

I remember sitting at my first Pampered Chef party, Italian party sandwich in one hand and drink in the other, thinking that this was the best thing since sliced bread. I know my other neighbors were feeling the same way because before the night was over I’m pretty sure we all scheduled our own party.

I think I ended up going to about 5 parties in the matter of two months. I’m not exaggerating either. I would feel guilty knowing I went to one of my neighbor’s parties and bought something and not the others. So I went to them all and bought something new at every, single party.

I feel like I have acquired every kitchen gadget Pampered Chef has to offer. There are some that I still use over 10 years later (you can get this list in my free resource library – get the password at the bottom of the post), and some that were honestly just a plain waste of money.


Here’s my list of the 5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money 

5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The MoneyCorn butterer – This kitchen gadget is used to help you spread butter on your corn-on-the-cob. You place a half stick of butter into the gadget and then use it to neatly spread the butter on your corn. It keeps your hands clean in the process. There’s even a cap on it so you can place any extra in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

How many times have I used it in 10 + years? I think twice. I pull a stick of butter out of the fridge, open up the paper it’s in, and use a butter knife to apply the butter instead. I just haven’t felt the need to dirty an extra item for the purpose of buttering corn.



5 Pampered Chef Items Worth The MoneyEgg slicer – Place your hard-boiled egg into this kitchen gadget and it slices the egg into perfect, even pieces. This actually gets great reviews on the Pampered Chef’s website and I can see why. I did love it anytime I used it. Whenever I would make fancy salads with hard-boiled eggs on top I would always use the slicer for this and people would actually comment on how pretty it looked.

But how often did I make fancy salads? Not enough to feel like this item was worth it for me. It currently is shoved way in the back of one of my drawers. How do I cut my eggs now? I use a plain old knife and it works like a charm.




Coating trays and tool – Have you ever made chicken cutlets before or maybe breaded something else like eggplant or zucchini slices? This kitchen tool from Pampered Chef comes with two trays (one for wet ingredients and one for dry) and a pair of tongs to keep your fingers out of the mess that goes along with breading ANYTHING.

Again, the concept is amazing. So amazing that I bought one for myself at one of those 5 parties I attended. How many times have I used this one? Zero. I can shamefully say I never took it out of the box and it ended up in the trash! What a waste of money.

What do I use instead? One bowl for wet ingredients, one plate for the dry, and a fork to keep my hands free of the messy breading.

5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The MoneyBaker’s roller – This is advertised as a one-handed roller that is used to spread and shape dough. At one of the parties I attended, the Pampered Chef representative used this gadget to roll out a can of crescent rolls in the bottom of a 9 x 13 baking dish. Oh my goodness, life-changing, right?! I thought so. Yes, I bought one…

I know I have used this a handful of times but then got smart and realized I could use my “actual hands” to do the same thing! Another item that is currently taking up space in my kitchen drawers.


5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The MoneyBrownie Pan – This item gets big reviews on Pampered Chef’s website. I must be missing out because I have NEVER even pulled this out of the wrapper. What does this pan do? It has compartments so that you can bake all your brownies individually. They all come out the exact same with crispy edges on all four sides the way everyone loves them.

I can’t tell you why I haven’t used this before other than the fact that I’m just used to making brownies in a regular 8 x 8 baking pan. I pour my batter into 1 pan, place it in the oven and call it a day. The brownie pan sounds like there’s a little more work in terms of putting the batter into all the different compartments. Plus, I find it harder to remove baked goods from tiny spaces. The lazy person in me has just never wanted to try it although I had a wonderful Pampered Chef representative comment below with a link to recipes for me to try that use this pan. I promised her I’d give it a try so I’ll let you know the outcome. 


And there you have it, 5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money. Looking back I’m laughing at myself for even buying some of these items! I’m blaming it on Mommy-overload and possibly a little bit of wine!

Although I did make some questionable purchases at these Pampered Chef parties, I also made some really great ones that I use ALL THE TIME. Don’t forget to get my list of the 5 Pampered Chef Items that are completely worth the money!

Try my Italian Party Sandwiches today and take a look at the beautiful platter they are displayed on. Yes, that’s a Pampered Chef purchase I have used! My Banana Pudding Trifle…also displayed in a Pampered Chef product.

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5 Pampered Chef Items Not Worth The Money

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  1. I’m really sad you put the brownie pan on this list and you haven’t even used it. I LOVE the brownie pan!! 1) If you like the hard edges of a brownie then each little brownie has a crunchy edge you don’t have to share! Epic win right there I tell ya! 2) Portion control is the best with this pan – and I’m not just referring to adults having a healthy balance. For anyone who has kids, you never have to worry about cutting brownie pieces the exact same size for your 5 yr old and 3 yr old who would throw a tantrum because “he got a bigger piece!” Seriously, save yourself the gray hairs! Mommas don’t need this added stress. Use the brownie pan! 3) The brownie pan can be used for more than just brownies. Check out this blog post for 12 other recipes to use the brownie pan for! https://blog.pamperedchef.com/kitchen-tips-tools/12-things-make-brownie-pan/

    A friendly momma and honest PC consultant.

    1. Hi Bre!!! Thanks for the comment! I know, I know…the brownie pan is amazing 😔Everything you said is the exact reason I bought it. It’s a shame I never used it. Thanks for the recipe ideas, though. Maybe one of them will force me to finally open it up. I’ll let you know if I do!
      PS Did you see my 5 list of 5 Must-Haves from Pampered Chef? I use those almost every day 💕 I 💜 Pampered Chef!

    2. Wow! I am also surprised at the brownie pan. One of my favorites. I haven’t had the crispy edges though. I make individual cakes, pineapple upside down cakes, lasagna, etc. great to take to work. Kids live easy to hold. Also, egg slicer is one of my faves. I slice mushrooms, strawberries, kiwi, eggs. I use it for much more than eggs. The other 3, I agree!!😜

      1. Hi! Yes, everyone is giving me a hard time about the brownie pan. I really need to try some more recipes in it because people really swear by it. I must be doing something wrong. You’re the second person who has also mentioned using the egg slicer for other things. I definitely need to give it a try. Happy we are in agreeance with the other 3 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    1. Hi there! You would have to find a Pampered Chef consultant to purchase it from or order it online from the Pampered Chef website 🙂

      1. I do like the roller but it ended up being an extra item I had to wash! Hahahha!

  2. I use my egg slicer to slice strawberries, and it works wonderfully… and yes, I eat a lot of strawberries with splenda or some other sweetener sprinkled on them! Well worth the money in my opinion!

    1. Interesting, Amy! I might have to try it with strawberries too and then I’ll definitely feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Great suggestion 🙂

      1. Mushrooms, too. I buy many baskets when they are on sale and fill my dehydrator. Fancy fruit slices that can then be cut with small cookie cutters when you need a dish for a special event.

      2. Yes I use mine for strawberries too or anything else that needs to be cut small for the kids! It’s really a great gadget for quick slicing!

        The brownie Pan – you are missing out on that one. I use it for everything

        Breakfast Quiche
        Single serve meatloaf

        You name it- it’s great for it all!!!!

        1. Breakfast quiche sounds like a good use for the pan. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  3. I’ve loved buying pampered chef since the 1980s and have all those item on this list. I do have PC items that I rarely or have never used, all of these are on my high use list especially the brownie pan and roller.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      This article is so controversial, I know! The biggest fight I see on here is the one about the brownie pan…people absolutely love it. I need to give it another chance for sure. Thank you for your comment!

  4. the egg slicer is awesome for strawberries and bananas…i use a lot of those in my desserts and i wouldn’t be without it. you’re missing out 😉

    1. Yes! You’re not the first one to tell me that. I actually bought strawberries today so I’ll give it a try.

  5. Awe sweetie, so sad you are not using these items from Pampered Chef. I love my brownie pan as others here have commented. I just acquired the pastry roller so time will tell if I love it. Also the egg slicer – those comments on the strawberries, bananas I use it for those and for slicing mushrooms too, and a game changer for me with this item by using just the blades, take it out of the holder- cutting cheese with it. OMG! Cut a chunk big enough to fit the blades. Slowly rock it through the cheese and in no time flat you have perfectly even sized cheese slices for your cheese tray or just snacks.

    1. You’re cheese idea is brilliant!! Love that 💗 I love Pampered Chef and use so many items daily. Did you see my list of the 10 items I swear by? These were just ones I never used but after two years of suggestions from awesome people like you I can see how some of these items have stood the test of time.

  6. The baker roller is amazing for rolling pizza crust. When I use my hands it creates holes.It is the perfect size and you do not have to roll out and move it. You can roll it right on the pan. I am lazy and this is a lazy mom tool..lol

    1. Lol! Oddly, I’m too lazy to wash the roller so I just use my hands. No judgement at all and happy you enjoy using the roller 😀

  7. My issue with the egg slicer is that it isn’t sturdy enough to cut anything other than eggs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken the wires cutting strawberries. Sure it’s replaceable, but it breaks pretty much every time. I just ordered the quick slicer because it has actual blades so maybe that will hold up better.

    1. I hear ya. The crazy part is so many people mention they use it for strawberries and even cutting a block of cheese into slices. I haven’t had much luck with it though. Now my garlic press, I use that thing every day of my life and love it 😂

  8. Im truly dying to know if you have used that Briwnue pan yet. Have you seen thw teeny tiny brownie bite pan? Think each brownie cut into 1×1 squares!🤗 theyre soo cute! And fun to eat!

    1. I actually haven’t used it yet! I know, I know…I just don’t find myself gravitating towards it. And yes, I did hear about the tiny brownie pan too. I think I need to try my regular one before I think about purchasing another variety of brownie pan. Lol!

  9. Hi! How do I get your list of Pampered Chef items that ARE worth the money? I searched your site and can’t find a link on this either. Thanks!

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I think I might be the only person on the planet who doesn’t use the pan. If you read some of the other comments, it’s a really popular item for many and they swear by it. I tend to make more items in an actual casserole dish that I don’t think would easily break down into individual portions. I definitely can see how it would be useful for others though. I do love me some Pampered Chef <3

  10. I use the slicer all summer long for my eggs for salads. I had my grandma’s first then needed a new one. I like PC one it comes out for easy clean up!

    1. I definitely agree that it’s easier to clean. I will definitely need to whip it for some salads this summer. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me!

  11. I’ve searched your blog and can’t find the article on the must have pampered chef items. Can you link it?
    Thank you

  12. I love my Brownie Pan! My awesome Pampered Chef consultant sent me a link for some recipes to use in it and I have tried several of them and I have liked them all so far! Tonight we had the Fake out mini lasagnas 😁
    I have shared the link with you here in hopes that you might consider changing your mind about the pan!

    1. Thank you so much for the link! Yes, since I’ve posted this years ago (in complete fun btw 😉), I have actually tried a few recipes in the brownie pan. I do love me some Pampered Chef!

  13. I know this post has been around for awhile, but I have to add something: when my children were small, I taught them to use the corn butterer to put butter on bagels, waffles, pancakes, toast, etc. With four small children born within 4 years, any time-saving hack was used!
    It also helped them learn portion control. They learned they didn’t need an entire tablespoon of butter for their waffles to taste good! Yes, we also used it for corn on the cob.
    As the kids went off to college, I had to find one for each of them because they all wanted one to take with them.
    Thanks for your ideas.

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