5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

Does holiday and seasonal decorating intimidate you? It doesn’t have to! Let me teach you 5 ways to easily change your home decor for every season so you too can feel the happiness that comes from a beautifully decorated home.

5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

Do you like to decorate for different seasons or holidays? Or are you someone who likes the idea of decorating but just doesn’t get around to it?

If you’re the latter of the two, I can definitely relate to you. I’ve always loved the idea of decorating for the holidays but I found myself making excuses as to why I didn’t need to do it.

I would decorate for the bigger holidays like Halloween and Christmas, but I would never get around to the smaller ones like Valentine’s Day or Easter even though I really wanted to! I’d spend hours on Pinterest saving a ton of decorating inspiration but never doing anything with it. So frustrating!

Coastal Christmas Deor

It wasn’t until I moved into our lake home that I really got into changing up my decor seasonally. I couldn’t help myself! The home itself was asking to be decorated and I couldn’t let it down.

My everyday decor quickly morphed into Halloween, fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and summer with current hopes of adding additional seasons or holidays down the road. Just don’t tell my husband, Patrick!

When I put it in writing I kind of sound obsessed but the truth is I’m just inspired! 

And now that I’ve figured out the quirks of seasonal decorating, it has become so much easier to do. Whatever your hesitation (no time, zero eye for design, no room to store seasonal decor), I’m here to tell you that it is possible to decorate your home for the different seasons and holidays no matter what the roadblock.

Citrus Summer Decor Ideas

So please, step right up and let me teach you everything I’ve learned to help you improve your holiday decorating skills!

5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

Pick one dominant color and one neutral color

No matter what the season or holiday, you’ll notice that one particular color is always present in my decor…TEAL. I’m in love with the color teal and I feel it lends itself well to my lake house decor. I accompany the teal with white (my neutral color) because it keeps everything light and bright!

Funny thing is I constantly receive such lovely comments from people in regards to how well of a job I do incorporating teal into all my seasonal and holiday decor. Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to let the secret out of the bag…picking one dominant and neutral color actually makes my decorating easier!

Coastal Spring Decor

Here’s why:

  1. Many of my pieces can easily transition from season to season without ever having to be switched out because they are in my dominant teal color. Case in point, my chargers on my dining room table as well as my teal napkins. You’ll see them both here in my Easter/spring, summer, and fall decor.
  2. It’s important to mention that this also saves me money in the long run because I’m reusing the same pieces from holiday to holiday or season to season. My white salad plates, cake stand, and pitcher all find their way into my decor month after month without spending a dime.
  3. With a set color in mind, I can easily search the stores for holiday and seasonal decor that’s the same color or compliments my dominant color well. And of course, I can be on the lookout for my neutral color too!

Valentine's Day Bar Decor

Shop the Look

Decide on the areas of your home you want to decorate for each season and/or holiday 

Committing to decorating your entire home for each holiday and season can be overwhelming. Geez, I’m getting hives just thinking about it! Instead of putting that much pressure on yourself, pick certain areas in your home that you find yourself in the most often and focus on those to decorate.

For me, these areas are my coffee bar area, dining room, and mantle. All three are high traffic areas that my family spends a ton of time in. The added seasonal decor makes me happy every time I step into those spaces. 

My advice if you are new to all this is to pick one space to work with and build on that the more you become comfortable with the process. If you overload yourself out of the gate, you’ll never want to decorate again!

Black, White and Teal Halloween Decor

Create a template/floor plan 

Now I don’t expect you to actually draw things out, although you could if you wanted to, but I do want you to play around with decor pieces in terms of their height, how many items can fit in a particular space, how big/small of sized pieces you need, etc.

Once you have a good template/floor plan going, you can easily go on the hunt for similar-sized pieces to replace the previous ones with for the upcoming season or holiday. Want an example? Let’s look at my coffee bar area. Notice how I always find a wreath or something similar in size to a wreath like signage or plates to accommodate the blank wall space. 

Knowing the pieces that I am looking for makes shopping so much easier. Instead of walking into Homegoods or Kirklands with no plan other than picking up items that look pretty, I can actually create a shopping list that says “item for coffee bar wall” and I know to be on the lookout for a wreath, picture, etc. that will fit in that spot.

5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

Find interchangeable pieces

This is similar to what we just discussed about creating a floor plan or template but I thought it deserved its own section. When I say find interchangeable pieces, I mean to do your best in finding staple pieces that you want to transition from season to season.

To help explain this a little better, I’ll give you another one of my own examples. No matter what, I know that every holiday or seasonal decor change has to incorporate a new set of kitchen towels to hang on my oven handles. I have bunnies for Easter and lemons for summer and all the other holidays and seasons in between.

Easter Kitchen Towels

Throw pillows, throw blankets, front door mats, and wreaths are also popular items that you can easily transition from season to season.

Have easily accessible storage space

If at all possible, house all your seasonal and holiday decor in an easily accessible space. For years, we stored all our decor in the attic and it was an absolute nightmare to get to. I was never able to get to my decor when I wanted it. 

I always had to wait for Patrick to be home so he could retrieve what I needed from the attic. It was a pain for many reasons. To begin with, I was on his time and his time is very minimal. He works insanely crazy hours so sometimes I would have to wait days before he even had an opportunity to get things down for me. Sadly, I was motivated when I asked him to get the totes down but three days later I might not have been and the plastic containers just sat there. It was just a recipe for disaster. 

Now I store all my totes in a closet within our garage. I was completely psyched to have this space when we bought this house. I love how I can close the door and keep everything tucked away.

Garage holiday decor storage

I know we’re lucky to have it and not many people do, but that’s okay. See the shelves my totes are on? We used these same ones in our previous home but lined them up against the garage wall instead. 

A couple of storage tips:

  1. Patrick had the idea of hanging all our wreaths on the walls of our garage closet. He amazes me sometimes with his brilliance! This has saved me a ton of space, you have no idea.
  2. My everyday decor, when I’m not styling my house for a particular season or holiday, is a nautical-theme incorporating all shades of teals and blues. Whenever I empty out a tote for a holiday or season, I house my everyday decor in those boxes to keep them safe and avoid having to add more totes to my closet specifically for those items.
  3. Take a picture of your decor and place it back in your totes after you pack up your decor for that holiday or season. Make sure it’s right there on the top so you can see it as soon as you open the container. Having your picture in front of you will allow you to recreate the same scene from the previous year in no time. Bonus: You can take those photos with you to the store if you feel like you’re “missing something” in your space and you want to add a piece or two to your “floor plan”.

How to store seasonal wreaths

I wanted to also mention that I have all my totes labeled and saved these labels from easy printing inside my free resource library. Feel free to sign up using the form below to gain access to these labels and plenty more freebies from my library. 

Free Holiday Labels

And there you have it, 5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor For Every Season. Again, let me reiterate that it’s best to start small and grow from there. Don’t overwhelm yourself all at once, just pick that one area that you want to transform and go with it.

Happy holiday and seasonal decorating, friends. I know you can do it!

Coastal Fall Decor

Want to remember this? Post these 5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season to your favorite Pinterest board!

5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

5 Ways to Easily Change Your Home Decor for Every Season

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  1. I love your main color of Teal. So pretty and it really give your home a personality! I also buy items that I know will work for all the seasons. I stick to a few main spots in the home to swap out for the seasons or holidays instead of trying to decorate every space in the house.

    1. Thank you!! I love my teal too. And I totally agree about picking set areas to decorate for each season. Mine are my bar, mantle and dining room table. What are yours?

  2. These are really great tips! We love versatile pieces around here!

    Your tip to take a photo is GREAT! I found myaelf wishing I had done that last Christmas wondering where somwthing went when I was trying to decorate. I’ll definitely be taking photos from now on!

    1. Yes! Thank goodness for all my blog pictures because it makes putting things back the next year a cinch. Thanks for your comments 💗

  3. Awesome tips!! The one pop of color idea is a good one! Sometimes I find myself trying to make all sorts of colors work when they just don’t! Love your decorating!

    1. Yes, it’s been a great hack for me! People think I’m this amazing decorating but I really just find things in my color and make it work. Thanks for the comment, Lisa ❤️

  4. These are great ideas! Love that you have a color theme – that’s pretty brilliant! We also hang our wreaths on the garage walls…it’s one of my favorite storage hacks!

    1. The wreath hack has been a lifesaver!!! I love that my wreaths have a home and stay pretty for the years to come. They would always get squished if I tried to store them any other way. Thank you!!

  5. This is such an incredibly helpful post! I was waiting all day to be able to read it so I could actually read it without Caroline interrupting me a million times lol! So good Tiffany!
    -Holley @ beesimplyorganized.com

    1. Thanks so much, Holley. I’m no expert but I’ve learned a few things over the years that I felt would be helpful for others. Happy you got something from the post 😉

  6. These are great ideas, Tiffany! Like you, I store my decorating items in storage bins with labels–but I LOVE the idea of taking pictures of your set-up to use for the next time. Every holiday season, I get out my stuff and wonder how I put everything together–this simple idea will help enormously! And hanging wreaths in the garage closet is also a great idea. I have an indoor closet where I hang my wreaths–but it would be so much easier having them in the garage. Once again–thank you–these ideas are fabulous!

    1. The pictures are a life-saver. It truly makes putting back your decor a cinch! Happy to help you with some tips, Sharlene. Thanks for commenting.

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