7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night

What are your plans for Halloween this weekend? Does having a Halloween Movie Night marathon on your couch this year sound right up your alley? If so, why not step up your game a little and make one of these 7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night. 

7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night

This year was supposed to be the perfect year. I know it seems like eons ago, but do you remember coming across these cute memes on social media? With this year being a leap year, we pretty much hit the jackpot in terms of holidays falling on the most perfect days of the week!

Sadly though, this year hasn’t turned out to be the big party we thought it would be. Every major event or holiday has had to be revamped in some way shape or form. I have been forced to get creative and “make something from nothing” time and time again. Can anyone else relate?

If you know me personally, or just follow along with me here on the blog and on social media, you probably already know that I am all about spreading positivity and having fun! Especially now when it would be so easy for me to just lay back and sulk, I instead choose to stay positive and spread cheer. It’s what I do! 

With Halloween upon us in just two short days, I’ve been sharing some great last-minute Halloween activities to help bring the fun factor into your own home too. I’ve shared DIY Halloween Gingerbread Houses, Halloween Tree Ornaments, and even how to make two-ingredient Halloween Tie-Dye Cookies. All of which are great Halloween activities to do with your kids but equally as fun to do as an adult…just saying!

In addition to coming up with some fun Halloween activities, I’ve been working on Halloween cocktails and fall adult drinks since way back in September for all the “Big Kids” of the world. Thanks to my friend, Kristen, I was able to come up with a great activity for adults to do on Halloween that actually includes these fun adult drinks.

Doesn’t lounging on the couch in your Halloween pajamas all day and having a Halloween movie marathon sound amazing to you?! What if I told you I coupled some of my Halloween and fall-inspired cocktails with Halloween movies to make your movie marathon even more perfect?! Would that entice you more?!

7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night

In case you want to enjoy a movie with your kiddos while drinking a Halloween or fall cocktail, I have added some family-friendly options to my list of Halloween movies too. Of course, there are some scary ones that are adult-only options too!

Pairing Number 1:  Halloween Bucket Drink and Child’s Play

This movie practically scared me to death when I was a little girl. The original movie was made in 1988 but was remade recently back in 2019. I personally prefer the older version but either option would make for a thrilling Halloween movie night choice. There’s something about your toys coming to life to kill you that is pretty darn horrifying, don’t you think?!

In terms of the Halloween cocktail to go along with this movie, I felt that the most fitting option would be my Halloween Bucket Drink. Served in a Halloween bucket that you would Trick-or-Treat with as a child, I created my own fun twist by filling my Halloween bucket to the brim with rum, fruit juices, and frozen fruit pieces instead of candy. You can still feel like a child with a candy bucket but with a Halloween cocktail inside instead!

Pairing Number 2: Apple Cider Margarita and Hocus Pocus 

Hocus Pocus is a super popular movie during Halloween time. Not only is it a popular one to watch, but it’s equally as popular to dress up as one of the three witches from the film for Halloween. This Halloween movie is PG and also a Disney made film making it a family-friendly option to watch on Halloween.

I love the dynamic between the three witches in the movie and they remind me of my relationships with my best girlfriends. One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to go out for margaritas and catch up. It’s with that in mind that I decided to pair this movie with my delicious Apple Cider Margaritas. All I can say about this one is YUMMY

Pairing Number 3: Halloween Midori Martinis and Ghostbusters

“Who are you going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS!” As soon as I made these Halloween Midori Martinis, I was instantly reminded of the character, Slimer, from the movie Ghostbusters. The neon green color of the Midori inside this Halloween cocktail screamed Slimer to me. Don’t you agree? If you plan on watching Ghostbusters, there’s no better cocktail to pair it with than this one!

Pairing Number 4: Apple Cider Mimosas and Practical Magic

This romantic comedy is the perfect Chick Flick for your Halloween Movie Night. You really can’t go wrong with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, am I right?! For the perfect Halloween cocktail pairing for this Halloween movie, try my Apple Cider Mimosa rimmed with caramel and cinnamon sugar. You and your best girlfriends will not be disappointed!

Pairing Number 5: Halloween Creamsicle Jello Shots and Beetlejuice

With the Broadway show gaining extreme popularity in recent years, this movie seems to be as popular now as when it first debuted back in the ’80s. I remember watching it for the first time as a child and dying of laughter when Beetlejuice said the “f word”. Isn’t it crazy the weird things we remember from our childhood?

Besides that one “f word”, the rest of the movie is pretty family-friendly. My favorite part of the movie is at the dinner party when all the guests become possessed and start dancing around the table to the song, “Day-O”. What would make that dance party even better in my opinion are my Halloween Creamsicle Jello Shots! A pairing made in heaven.

Pairing Number 6: Cinnamon Roll Cocktail and The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is another family-friendly option and a super-duper popular Halloween movie. Truth be told, I had never seen it before until just this year. And the real truth, I still haven’t technically seen the whole thing because I fell asleep at the end of it! Please tell me I’m not the only one who has the bad habit of falling asleep during movies?

The intermingling of both Halloween and Christmas lends itself well to my Cinnamon Roll Cocktail. Cinnamon on its own is a flavor that comes to mind every time I think of fall flavors. On the same token, I love the idea of indulging in gigantic cinnamon rolls on a crisp winter morning. This cocktail is all that…and then some! 

Pairing Number 7: Spiked Apple Cider and Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie is another one that scared me silly as a child. I can distinctly remember my uncle teasing me as I watched the movie on my grandparent’s bed. As a child, it was by far the scariest movie I’d ever seen. Now that I’m an adult, I find myself looking at that same movie and laughing at the graphics. I can now see why my uncle mocked me the whole way through the film!

If you’ve never seen the movie before, Nancy’s mom offers to prepare her daughter some warm milk to help her calm down and get a good night’s rest. The crazy part about that is sleeping is what actually causes Freddy Kruger to come and haunt her. Although it’s not warm milk, my recipe for Spiked Apple Cider is the perfect warm beverage to sip on while watching this thriller. The Fireball Whiskey will surely fire you up!

You can make any one of these 7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night and I promise you’ll be satisfied. I hope these pairings have encouraged you to make the best out of Halloween this year. Have a Happy Halloween, folks!

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7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night

7 Halloween Cocktails for your Halloween Movie Night

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  1. I love how you style all your drinks! You are so creative.
    Also, I did not even take notice that all those holidays were on those days. I particularly don’t like when Christmas is on a weekend because that means less days off school…lol -Meranda

    1. You’re too sweet, Meranda! I love styling my cocktails each week. It has become something I actually look forward to each and every week now <3

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