8 Cute Spring Break Shirt Ideas

Spring Break is right around the corner and I for one can’t wait. Whether you’re traveling or staying home for Spring Break this year, I’ve rounded up 8 Cute Spring Break shirt ideas that are sure to put you into instant vacation-mode!

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Let the countdown for Spring Break begin! For us, Spring Break kind of starts this weekend. It’s a little tricky of a situation but let me try to explain.

Our son Zach is still in high school, a junior to be exact, but he is enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program provided by our school district. This program allows students to take classes at the local community college and earn college credit for the courses they take.

You can take as little as one class at the college or go full-time as Zach does. Zach goes to the high school for his two electives, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band, but takes all his core classes at the community college. Those rigorous college courses count double-duty giving him high school and college credit at the same time.

It’s pretty awesome! Zach can potentially earn his AA degree and his high school diploma at the same time. That’s his goal actually and we’re super stoked about it. Here’s the thing…this program is completely free. Like, we spend zero money on it at all. Not even on the books for his classes! 

Dual Enrollment Student

If Zach can obtain his AA degree before graduating high school, this will save him time at college in the future. It will also save us, his parents, some money along the way. I think it’s a win-win for everyone. Don’t you?!

Now that you have somewhat of an understanding of our situation, I can explain this whole Spring Break debacle. The college is closed for Spring Break on Monday, March 9th. Unfortunately, the high school will still be in session and won’t start Spring Break until the 16th of March. So basically, Zach doesn’t technically have a Spring Break this year! Bummer…

Prior to the school year starting, we knew we wanted to check out potential colleges for Zach over Spring Break. This is a common time for juniors and their parents to start visiting different campuses. We would feel like we were “behind the eight ball” if we didn’t make it out to some colleges in the spring.

Family Photo University of Miami
This is Zach’s Dream School circa 2/18

So here’s what we ultimately decided to do. We opted to plan three college visits during the community college’s Spring Break. Although Zach will not attend his high school classes, we felt a little better knowing he’d only be missing two band classes instead of Chemistry, Pre Algebra, History and English Comp 2. 

I doubt it, but if Zach’s band teacher happens to be reading this we’re so sorry!

Despite all this craziness and workarounds to coordinate this, we’re super excited to visit some colleges and enjoy a little R&R at the same time. All three of the colleges we are touring happen to be in the southern part of the state. Two colleges are on the east coast of Florida and one is on the west. 

We are headed down to the east coast of Florida this Sunday and will start our tours on Monday. Our first stop is at the University of Miami followed by Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

I’m so excited because we are staying at the new Hard Rock Guitar Hotel while we are down there! If you watched the Super Bowl back in February, you might have seen a commercial for the hotel. It’s literally in the shape of a guitar! We watched the entire process of it being built because we passed it every single time we headed down to Miami to tailgate.

Hard Rock Guitar Hotel Hollywood, Florida
Photo credit: Miami Herald

We’ll spend two nights at the hotel and then head over to Fort Myers to visit Florida Gulf Coast University for our final tour. Although it will be short-lived, we’re excited to explore these potential colleges and have some fun in between. 

On a side note, OH MY GOODNESS, I can’t believe we’re looking at colleges. Where the heck did the time go?!

At the moment, I’m completely overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done before we go away but I promise you I’m beyond looking forward to starting Spring Break! I’m always like this before I go anywhere. Basically, I’m a total wreck trying to organize myself to be away and have all my ducks in a row before heading out. 

Want to know what I do every single time I’m overwhelmed like this? Oh, I just procrastinate like crazy and wait for the absolute last second to get all my tasks done! I purposely waste time doing other things to make sure I don’t have time to cross off what I really need to get done on my to-do list. Ugh, please tell me I’m not alone?!

Case in point, yesterday I spent a good amount of time searching on Etsy for the perfect Spring Break shirt to wear while we’re galavanting around the Hard Rock Hotel. I didn’t really need another shirt, but “By Golly” I sure convinced myself I did!

I had a field day picking out the cutest shirts for Spring Break and wanted to share my finds with you, my friend! First, because I love you and second because maybe you’re needing something to procrastinate with too…You know I’m always looking out for you

So without further ado…let’s take a look at what I found!

8 Cute Spring Break Shirt Ideas









These 8 Cute Spring Break Shirt Ideas have me counting down the minutes until we’re headed down to South Florida. Which shirt will you pick to complete your Spring Break outfit? I’d be perfectly happy with any one of them! 

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  1. Great T-shirt ideas! However–I’m more excited about Zach! Congrats to him for choosing the “road less traveled” and taking this Duel-course option in high school. It shows his level of maturity! He may not understand now–but getting an AA before high school graduation is a BIG deal! And–the money saved is amazing, too! It sounds like he wants to stay in Florida for college–right? You guys have been such amazing parents—and getting him involved in music was such a smart move! As you know, I’m a BIG advocate of music–kids involved in music flat-out do better in school and are more mature on graduation. And Zach is an example of that! Congrats to him–and the whole family!

    1. You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for your kind words. We aren’t perfect but we try our best 😉

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