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Black, White, and Teal Halloween Decor

This black, white, and teal Halloween decor provides both classy and creative ideas for decorating your home this Halloween using a non-traditional color palette.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Welcome to the lake! I’m so happy you decided to stop by today for my Halloween decor house tour.

I must admit… This is hands down my favorite holiday decor I’ve put together since living here on the lake!

As much as I’ve loved my Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter decor that I’ve previously shared on the blog, there’s just something about this black, white, and teal Halloween decor that has my heart skipping a beat. 

I’m in love with it!

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was take a peek downstairs at the fabulous Halloween mantel I created last night. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

With Patrick’s help, I was able to get all my new Halloween decor in “just the right spots” before the clock struck midnight. I’m sure it wasn’t what he expected to do after working until 9:30 last night, but Patrick’s help was greatly appreciated and it truly made my life so much easier.

He doesn’t know it yet, but Patrick has now been hired indefinitely to help me in all future decorating extravaganzas from here on out. I’m sure he won’t mind!

Surprisingly, this is the first year I decorated for Halloween since living in our lake home and we’ve been here over three years now. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I was pretty intimidated to try and mesh my normal lake and coastal decor with this particular holiday. I struggled to wrap my brain around how I could accomplish this feat.

With my home being on a lake, my normal decor has a coastal feel with various shades of blues and greens scattered throughout the spaces. I love my colors so much that the thought of not having them around for the holidays makes me sad. 

coastal inspired decor
My normal table setting.

And because no one wants to be sad around the holidays, it has become my mission to incorporate the teal and blue colors into every holiday or season I decorate for. 

When you’re perusing through my older decorating posts that I linked above, you’ll notice that coastal color scheme peeking through. I can’t live without it!

So I thought long and hard and finally decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at incorporating “my colors” into Halloween.

Come on in and see how it turned out. 

Black, White, and Teal Halloween Table Decor 

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Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at my Halloween decor is the absence of some popular fall colors. Instead of your typical yellow, orange, and purple color palette, I went completely non-traditional with teals and blues as my accent colors.

Believe it or not, leaving out those traditional Halloween colors was the exact thing that intimidated me from wanting to decorate for Halloween. I mainly think it was because I had it engraved in my mind that Halloween colors were supposed to be black and orange with a hint of purple. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

And teal definitely didn’t fit the bill!

Once I let go of that preconceived idea, it was easy to see how simple it would be to add teal into my Halloween decor. Quite frankly, you can add any color palette you want to your Halloween decor. 

It’s beyond simple. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

How to incorporate a non-traditional color palette into your Halloween decor

  1. Purchase all your main Halloween decor in black and white. You’ll be able to find TONS of items throughout the stores that have only those two colors. 
  2. While you’re out and about, try to see if you can find some Halloween decorations in your accent color. I was lucky enough to find a couple of teal pumpkins and spiders to add to my space.
  3. Purchase flowers, ribbon, glasses, containers, etc. in your accent color to add to your Halloween decor. 
  4. Incorporate household items you already have in your accent color to pull into your design.
  5. If all else fails, purchase paint or spray paint in your accent color. I painted these orange pumpkins teal to go along with my fall decor. If I hadn’t found teal spiders, I would have spray painted some to go with my color scheme. 

Black, white and teal Halloween Decor

For my dining room table, I used the same centerpiece I had out for my summer decor. I simply covered the white flowers with some black webbing and added blue eyeballs, bones, and some teal spiders.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The table runner is a piece of black netting I purchased from Dollar Tree. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

For the table setting, I added cute spider web placemats I found at Party City as the base. I kept the same teal chargers and white plates from my summer tablescape but swapped out the citrus salad plates for plain black ones that I found at Old Time Pottery.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I also kept the same napkins from my summer decor, but made a new napkin ring to go with the Halloween theme. The napkin rings were so easy to put together. I simply hot glued a spider to a piece of black and white ribbon and then tied it around the napkin. Easy peasy! 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Black, White, and Teal Halloween Bar Decor 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Next to my dining room table is my favorite space in my kitchen, the bar! Because of its grand size, it doubles as a coffee bar and regular bar area for us. 

Oddly, I’ve found it to be the hardest space to decorate. I tend to find myself going from store to store to find those last tiny details to add to the bar to pull everything together. 

It kind of drives me crazy!

I went extremely simple with my bar shelf this time around. With teal letters, I spelled out the phrase, “I’m here for the boos” on my signboard. Patrick helped finish the shelf with some white spider webs I purchased from Dollar Tree. 

Directly in the center of the bar is a simple Happy Halloween sign I found at the Dollar Tree. Simple and cheap!

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The coffee bar side houses our Keurig, Nespresso, a smaller shelf for coffee mugs, and a two-tiered wire basket to hold all our coffee supplies. You’ll also notice three canisters that we use to hold our loose coffee, tea bags, and hot chocolate packets.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The white canister on the counter was a Target purchase and the two glass ones were from Joanns. For the glass canisters, I used my Cricut machine to cut out labels from teal vinyl to place on them. 

I love finding small, flat plates to place in front of my Keurig as a spoon rest. This Happy Halloween plate is part of a set of four. The plates are Rae Dunn and I found them at Home Goods! I’m obsessed with them.

The two-tiered wire basket holds everything from sugar to Splenda to Sweet & Low to shakers of cinnamon, pumpkin spice and cocoa powder to add to your coffee or tea. The mason jars on the top tier are filled with loose teas from Teavana. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I simply made a black bow with ribbon and hot glued a silver glitter ball in the center of it. I then took the finished bow and added it on top of the mason jars. I could’ve also used ribbon in my accent color if I wanted to.

I choose to use ribbon in my accent color around a clear canister I used to hold my selection of straws and stirrers. The straws and stirrers are sitting on top of some black and white crinkled paper I placed in the bottom of the canister. 

Update: I purchased a new two-tiered galvanized tray from Marshall’s this year and did it up all fancy to go with the rest of my Halloween home decor. Isn’t she pretty?! Head over to my Halloween Tiered Tray post to see it up close and personal.

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

On the bar side, I have a few more Halloween decorations. The white pitcher was a purchase from Target and I filled it with fake black flowers I purchased from Michaels. I tied a piece of the teal ribbon around the pitcher and added a few teal spiders on the flowers to tie in the accent color.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The beautiful white cake pedestal is from Home Goods. I took the same black and white ribbon I used for the napkin rings and threaded it through the stand. I found the spooky typewriter at Michaels. 

The small fake plants were purchased at Ikea. I covered them with black webbing and added some teal spiders to add that pop of color.

I added another one of the Rae Dunn plates on the shelf along with a black craft pumpkin and called it a day. 

I must say, I love how my teal wine glasses stand out in these photos!

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Classy Black, White, and Teal Halloween Mantel Decor 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Is this Halloween mantel not a show stopper?! 

Seriously, I am beyond in love with the way this turned out. I actually impressed myself with this one which is hard to do. I’m always my worst critic!

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I put a ton of love into this mantel and got to embrace my crafty side. I say this because all the teal and blue accents were added by me into this Halloween mantel display.

Let’s talk about these adorable blue flowers I added to the mantel. The flowers came from two bouquets I purchased at Michaels. I removed all the flowers from the stems and hot glued accents in the centers of them.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Those are the same eyeballs I had on my table centerpiece. I purchased them at Dollar Tree. The other flowers have black glitter balls in the center. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I then took some of those colors and hot glued them to a premade garland I purchased from Michaels. It was originally just black and white so I added the accent color to them.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

You’ll also notice tissue paper balls and fans placed throughout the mantel. I purchased these from Party City but you can easily make your own. There are a million YouTube videos to show you how.

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The “spooky” centerpiece was from Michael’s. The smaller pieces on the mantel were purchased between Michael’s and Joann Fabrics. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

The craft pumpkins and pillow on the base of the mantel were also found at Michael’s and Joann Fabrics. 

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Patrick helped me add some spider webbing and spider stickers on the larger mirror to tie the look together on the mantel. 

The final touches are these adorable Halloween pillows I got from Michael’s. Pure bliss!

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

I’m obviously crushing over my Halloween decor. I love it so much! 

If you’ve been hesitant on adding your own flair to your Halloween decor, I hope this has given you the tools and inspiration you need to push through and just go for it. 

My Black, White and Teal Halloween Decor has given me so much more confidence to step out of my decorating comfort zone from this point forward.

Want to remember this? Post this idea for Black, White and Teal Halloween Decor to your favorite Pinterest board!

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor

Black, white, and teal Halloween decor


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  1. Tiffany–this is amazing! You have thought of every single detail when creating this spooky and fun Halloween decor! And talk about clever! Love the “new” Halloween colors–black, white and teal…I think you just may have started a new color trend for Halloween! Very clever how you took the flowers from Michael’s and put eyeballs in the centers–a great idea that I want to try. Once again–you outdid yourself in the creativity department. And, last but not least–fabulous table setting ideas! However, I’m jealous–it’s not even October 1 and you’re ready for the all the festivities and celebrations of Halloween!

    1. Don’t be jealous at all! It’s called the life of a lifestyle blogger, hahaha! I’m obsessed with the colors too. And the eye flowers are my favorite touch. Thanks for all the positive comments 💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤

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