Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line

Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line has become an absolute must in my home! I promise that your next summer party or gathering is about to get so much easier, and look much prettier, with the help of the Happy Everything! POPSHOP line. 

Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line

*This is a sponsored post, written by me, in partnership with Happy Everything!™ by Laura Johnson. Rest assured that my love for Happy Everything! is genuine and all opinions are honest and sincere.

I know you can’t see me on the other side of your computer, cell phone, or iPad right now, but I promise you I am literally doing a happy dance as I’m typing this to you. I received some happy mail earlier in the month and I’ve been practically dying to share it with you here on the blog from the moment I opened it!

Have you heard of the company Happy Everything! before? If you haven’t, it’s totally okay. I honestly hadn’t heard of them until a few months back when my friends Melanie and Kristen gifted me this mini vase for my birthday. I opened up my birthday gift and I was instantly obsessed!

I use the “At the Lake” attachment for my everyday decor.

The idea behind the Happy Everything! products were literally mind-blowing. You simply purchase a base product like a serving platter or vase and then shop through their many attachment pieces to switch up that particular piece for the different holidays or any special occasion throughout the year. They easily attach to one another by velcro. It’s pretty darn cool!

I switched to a sun attachment for Cinco de Mayo!

Here’s a little bit more about the company directly from Happy Everything! :

The idea for Happy Everything! was born in 2003 when our Founding Artist & CEO, Laura Johnson, found herself inspired to create a versatile platter for celebrating {and decorating} every holiday and special occasion. There was nothing quite like it existing on the market, so she created it herself {as artists often do}. Since then, Happy Everything! has grown into a collection of over 80 bases and more than 70 attachments {plus a plethora of other happy items like maps, mugs, and serveware} that inspire collectors to find a little happy in everything.

Basically within 24 hours of owning my first few items from Happy Everything!, I shared the concept with my mom and she in turn bought me 2 additional attachments for my mini vase. Just more proof that it was love at first sight for me.

I shared the below post on my Instagram account and to my surprise, the company reposted it in their Instagram stories. I was so excited that I decided to bite the bullet and see if there was any way that the Happy Everything! company might be willing to work with me. Lucky me, I was accepted into their affiliate program and just a couple months later I’m writing this post to you!


Happy Everything! allowed me to pick the items I wanted to receive from them which was super awesome but equally stressful at the same time. I say stressful because I pretty much like everything they have on their site. It was hard to narrow it down but after about a million visits to their website I finally did. It was a process, people!

All the items I ended up picking were from the POPSHOP line of Happy Everything! This line of products was designed as an extension of Happy Everything! I personally think they knocked it out of the park with all these pieces.

The Happy Everything! POPSHOP “offers a mix of everyday necessities featuring happy messaging, playful patterns, and bold colors that can be easily gifted {or kept for yourself!}. From stationery to serveware to travel accessories and ornaments {and so much more!}, POPSHOP is your one-stop-shop for grab and go happy.” 

I personally found myself gravitating towards all the pieces that were meant for entertaining. I swear, entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP line adds so much beauty and character to any celebration or gathering. 

Let’s start with this Mint Stripe Skinny Rectangle Tray I received. I was sold instantly by the colors. I feel like it just screams summer! The tray is 18 inches long and can actually hold up to three appetizer bowls. I can envision the appetizer bowls filled with marinated olives, mini mozzarella balls, and roasted peppers with pita wedges tucked between each of them on the tray. Yum!

I only opted for one Mint Hello Appetizer Bowl but made sure to snag the Mint Appetizer Spreader to go with it. The spreader is the perfect accompaniment to any cheese tray or dips you might be serving. 

Finally, I picked these 6 absolutely gorgeous Sun Salad Plates. They are the perfect size for salads, desserts, or serving appetizers. The design is so cheerful and will brighten up your summer tablescape in an instant.

I put all my Happy Everything! POPSHOP items to good use the other day to showcase some delicious Mini Cuban Sandwich Skewers I made. See how gorgeous they look on the rectangular tray?

I used the appetizer bowl and spreader to house a homemade honey mustard dressing I made to go with the skewers.

And finally, I set out my beautiful salad plates to use for the appetizers.

Come on now, you can’t tell me this isn’t the prettiest set up ever!

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to all these Happy Everything! products. It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? I’m already dreaming about what I want next. I do have my eye on this adorable Florida mug that I saw on their websites just recently. I need it, right?!

Oh, and one more thing that I almost forgot. Speaking of their website, you can earn a 15% discount off your first purchase on Happy-Everything.com by signing up to receive their marketing emails. That’s a steal, my friend!

All I have to say is you owe it to yourself to at least head over to the Happy Everything! website and take a look around. If you’re anything like me, you’ll instantly fall in love with the concept and want it all! Your spouse might end up hating me but I can guarantee that you’ll adore me for introducing you to this awesome company. Have fun shopping!

Want to remember this? Post these ideas for Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line to your favorite Pinterest board!

Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line

Entertaining with the Happy Everything! POPSHOP Line



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