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Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas

Planning on visiting your family or friends this summer at their lake house? Let me help you find the perfect gift to bring along with you from this list of Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas. You’ll absolutely love these lake house gift ideas!

Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas

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I want to start this post by saying to all my friends and family one important thing…Don’t feel obligated to buy me presents when you come to visit me! And if you have already come to visit us at the lake and didn’t bring me a cute hand towel or lake tumbler, please know it didn’t bother me at all.

I felt the need to say that only because I’m the type of person that might read something like this on a friend’s blog and start worrying if they were writing it directly to me. I could see myself replaying every interaction I’ve ever had with them trying to figure out if I had or hadn’t done what they were referring to in their post. Call me crazy, but that’s how my mind works!

Growing up, it was etched into my brain that you never show up to someone’s house or event without offering to bring something with you. And even if you ask and the person tells you they don’t need anything, you still bring something anyway because you can’t just show up empty-handed. 

It’s just how I was raised so I do it religiously.  Ironically though, I don’t expect others to do the same thing. I know that makes zero sense at all…

I might be going out on a limb here but I’m going to assume my crazy gibberish resonates with you at least a teeny bit or you wouldn’t have made your way here today. I think it’s safe to presume that you at least agree with my idea of bringing the hostess a little something special for welcoming you into their home. Again, it’s truly not necessary but a sweet gesture.

Now that we’re knee-deep into summer, I have been seeing picture after picture on Instagram of people enjoying fun times at the lake with their family and friends. It was then that it dawned on me that I could really help all of you lovely gift-givers out there with some fun lake house hostess gift ideas to shower your “Hostess with the Mostest” with. 

I mean, I am technically an expert on all things lake life so I’m perfectly qualified to lend a helping hand! Plus, it was pretty darn fun to put together a list of lake house gift ideas for you all.

Ready to see what I “anchored” up for you?! See what I just did there…

Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas

1) Lake House signs make adorable hostess gifts. I personally have received two different ones and have found places for both of them in our lake home. The best part is, you can find signs for every budget without having to slack on quality. 

I have this larger lake sign. I absolutely love to display it on my mantle for all to see as soon as they walk in the front door. I couldn’t find the exact one but found this similar one on Etsy. It’s definitely pricey but totally worth it in my opinion. 

Lake House Sign | Lake House Gift Ideas

I also have this smaller lake sign that I display on the wall by my coffee bar area when I am showcasing my lake decor. I just placed it here with my summer motif to help give you a visual and an idea of its size in real-life. 

Lake House Rules Sign | Lake House Gift Ideas

These following two signs allow you to personalize them for your lake loving family or friends. This one is the cheaper option.

Personalized Lake House Sign | Personalized Lake House Sign

While this one is a little on the pricey side but absolutely beautiful.

Personalized Lake House Sign | Lake House Gift Ideas

I also found these fun lake home signs and wall decor that I thought would make the perfect gift for any lake homeowner! If you haven’t fallen in love with any of the other options I’ve shared above, I’m sure one of the following choices will suit your fancy.

2) Lake house hand towels are definitely great ideas to gift your lake house hostess with.

Lake House Dish Towel | Lake House Gift Ideas

Lake House Dish Towel | Lake House Gift Ideas 

3) These beautiful towels might just find their way into my Amazon cart. I’m slightly obsessed with them.

Lake House Hand Towels | Lake House Gift Ideas

4) Lake house pillows are also a cute gift option. 


Lake House Pillow | Lake House Gift Idea


I liked this one the best because it definitely hits home for me. There’s always a bit of a control struggle between Patrick and me when trying to dock our pontoon. Tempers can definitely flare up during the process!

Lake House Pontoon Pillow | Lake House Gift Idea

5) I found this anchor blanket and thought it was lovely. I personally would use it in my air-conditioned house because we keep it so cold during the summer here in Florida. For someone further north, I can see using it to wrap yourself in while cooking s’ mores over a nice fire on those cooler summer evenings. 

Anchor Blanket | Lake House Gift Ideas

6) I couldn’t help but share this boat serving dish with a wooden oar scoop. Another item that might magically end up in my Amazon cart.

Boat serving dish and wooden oar scoop | Lake House Gift Ideas

7) Wine glasses, tumblers, and koozies are also great gift ideas for the lake lovers in your life. You could always take it up a notch and add a six-pack of beer or a nice bottle of wine to give to your hostess.

Lake Life Tumbler | Lake House Gift Ideas

Lake Life Tervis | Lake House Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out this post where I teach you how to etch your own glass. If you don’t have time to do that, purchase already made wine glasses like these!

Lake Life Etched Wine Glass | Lake House Gift Ideas

I hope this list of Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas has helped you find the perfect treat for your family or friends. I can guarantee any of these lake house gift ideas will be a huge success and make one host or hostess very happy!

Lake Life Tumbler | Lake House Gift Ideas

Want to remember this? Post these Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas to your favorite Pinterest board!

Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas

Fun Lake House Hostess Gift Ideas


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  1. I love lake themed decor! So many fun ideas but that. Fleece anchor blanket is my favorite!

    1. The blanket was definitely a fun find! For you guys, I’m sure you could use it outside by the fire pit on a cooler summer night. So awesome!

    1. Those blue towels are adorable!!! I ended buying them. I couldn’t help myself 😂😂

  2. So much fun Lake stuff! This is the first summer in a long time we haven’t gone Up North (i.e. traveled to northern MI to stay at a cottage on a lake) in a long time. Lake life really is fun!

    1. So sorry you missed it this year. It’s been such a hard summer because of the virus. Hoping next summer is a million times better for you and me!

  3. These are all great ideas! My parents live at the beach, so I️ follow a similar guideline when purchasing gifts for holidays. I️’ve found some really cute beachy decor for their house!

    1. Im obsessed with beach decor too. The colors are similar to my color palette so I will sometimes sneak a little beach decor in my house!

    1. The towels are adorable!! I ended up grabbing myself a set of them…couldn’t help myself.

  4. Oh Tiffany! I think we were raised by similar parents! I also was taught to never go empty-handed when invited to someone’s house–so whenever I’m out shopping, I’ve always got “hostess gift” in the back of my mind. These ideas are darling! And even though I don’t know anyone (except you) that lives on a lake–the ideas can be altered to fit any hostess gift. Thank you–this blog is a “keeper!”

    1. I do the same thing! I have a drawer of candles, kitchen towels, decorative napkins, etc. to keep handy for hostess gifts. It makes me happy to bring a little joy to the hostess. Thanks for reading!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the post! I had a great time shuffling through Amazon finding cute lake-inspired gifts. Honestly, I want them all too. 🙂

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