Halloween Tiered Tray

My Halloween Tiered Tray is the perfect addition to your Halloween kitchen decor. Stop by the lake for some fun and spooky Halloween home decor ideas. 

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

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I know I’m a day early. I’m aware the month of October begins tomorrow but I just couldn’t help myself from sharing my Halloween tiered tray decor. It’s just so adorable and I didn’t want to keep it a secret any longer!

Last month, I snagged a new galvanized two-tiered tray from Marshalls during one of my random visits and I’m currently finding myself looking for any excuse I can to dress it up at the moment. A few weeks ago, I shared my fall two-tiered tray decor and it got rave reviews. I must admit, she sure did come out pretty!

fall two tiered tray decor

But that was weeks ago already, and now I’m ready to move on to Halloween. Can you see how this is going to be a problem moving forward?! My mind is already going a mile a minute about what avenue I want to take next…do I go straight to Christmas or make a Thanksgiving tray in between? What do you think?!

When it came to figuring out my Halloween tiered tray decor, it was already a given that teal and blues would be incorporated in my design. When it comes to any of my holiday decorations you will ALWAYS find me incorporating my signature teal and blues. There’s just no way around it.

Last year, I created the most epic Halloween mantle and coffee bar area with that exact color palette so I had a great starting point for my Halloween tiered tray. I used teal, blues, and the traditional black and white you see at Halloween time. 

Halloween Home Decorations for Mantle

Halloween decorated coffee bar

Halloween Tiered Tray Decorations

So I headed out to get the supplies I needed for my Halloween Tiered Tray. Adding teal to my Halloween decor is now easier than ever with the Teal Pumpkin Project gaining popularity over the years. Have you heard of it? You place a teal pumpkin outside your house on Halloween to make Trick-or-Treaters aware that you offer non-candy options for children who have food allergies. Examples would be items like Halloween pencils, glow sticks, or small toys.

I was able to find a teal pumpkin as well as teal plastic spiders to embellish my two-tiered galvanized tray with. Finding other shades of blue proved to be a little tricker so I had to do some DIY on my part to incorporate the color into my decor.

teal plastic spiders

A trick I’ve learned throughout the years when trying to add non-traditional colors to my holiday decor is to do so by adding flowers, ribbon, and/or even paper decor that you can find at Party City or somewhere similar.

I was able to find some blue flowers at Michaels that I removed from the stems. I added blue plastic eyeballs and spiders to them with a hot glue gun to give my Halloween tiered tray a spooky vibe. 

creepy Halloween flower with eyeball

I took a completely different blue flower and hot glued it to a crepe paper fan. Then I added a creepy black spider to it. I’m a HUGE fan of these crepe paper party decorations and always snag them when they go on sale at Target, Party City, or even Michaels. They’re so easy to dress up and incorporate into your holiday decor.

Halloween flower with spider

white crepe paper decoration

That was all the DIY that I had to do for this Halloween tiered tray. The rest of the items were purchased exactly as they are seen in my pictures. I did my best to link the exact items pictured but some were hard to find. For the harder items, I linked similar options on Amazon. 

My mini black and white pumpkins came in a variety pack from Joann’s. They are currently on sale so hurry up and grab yourself some. Or just order these black and white pumpkins from Amazon and call it a day!

black and white pumpkins from Joann's

The Rae Dunn Halloween appetizer plate was a purchase from HomeGoods last year. It comes in a set of four and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I haven’t actually looked to see if they are carrying them in HomeGoods this year, but I was able to find the exact ones on Amazon. You better order quick if you want them because the description says there are only two left in stock!

I began by placing two Halloween kitchen dish towels in the bottom layer of my two-tiered tray. These were a purchase from Joann’s last year and they currently don’t have them available in black and white this year. I’m linking a black and white polka dot kitchen towel I found on Amazon instead because I think it would look equally adorable.

black and white bat kitchen dish cloth

I added black cheesecloth to the top tier of this Halloween two-tiered tray. You can find this at Dollar Tree or even Target. I love incorporating the black gauze into my Halloween decor…it just SCREAMS spooky to me!

black cheese cloth or black gauze

I placed all the bigger items on my Halloween two-tiered tray first which included the different sized pumpkins and the Rae Dunn Halloween black plate. That black Happy Halloween pumpkin sitting on my top tier was a Michaels purchase from last year and I can’t find anything similar to it online to link…so sorry about that! 

top layer of Halloween tiered tray

bottom layer of Halloween tiered tray

Pro tip: See how that Happy Halloween pumpkin is sitting up high on the top tier? I placed a ramekin down first then covered it with black gauze to hide it. It’s a sneaky way to add height without anyone knowing. You can pretty much add anything you want underneath to achieve the height you want and just cover it with the black gauze or Halloween dishcloth.

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

Wherever there was a blank space, I added some filler pieces to the mix. For the fillers, I used spider coffee stirrers (I found similar skeleton stirrers on Amazon), mini witch brooms, extra plastic eyeballs, and plastic bones. I even snuck in some black and white shredded filler paper that I had leftover from last year. The goal is to just add small little items to fill in those spaces that you couldn’t cover with the bigger items. 

Halloween mini plastic bone decor

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

To say I’m happy with my Halloween Tiered Tray decor would be an understatement. I’m basically obsessed with the way it came out. I honestly can’t stop looking at it every time I walk into the kitchen. It makes me instantly happy with one glance. You must try your hand at making one to add to your Halloween home decor too!

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

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Halloween Tiered Tray Decor | Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

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  1. Tiffany–this is absolutely amazing! And I’m super impressed that you could find teal spiders! Where? You are so observant and take such fun and interesting things and put them all together to create a sensational display of color and creativity! Your family is lucky! Love that you can take every holiday and keep with your beautiful theme of teal. Everything looks so beautiful! Happy Halloween!

    1. The spiders are actually from Target. They were in a variety pack and I knew I needed to have them. I’ve been lucking out lately with teal Halloween decor because of the Teal Pumpkin Project that’s gained popularity. Thank you, as always, for your kind words and support.

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