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How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party

Are you guilty of Pinning a ton of craft ideas on Pinterest and never doing anything with them?! If this is you, consider throwing a Pinterest Party! Gather a group of ladies, family or friends and get to crafting. Here are my tips and tricks for hosting the perfect Pinterest Party! 

Are you guilty of Pinning a ton of craft ideas on Pinterest and never doing anything with them?! If this is you, consider throwing a Pinterest Party! Gather a group of ladies, family or friends and get to crafting. Here are my tips and tricks to hosting the perfect Pinterest Party! #Pinterest #LadiesNight #Crafts
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am literally obsessed with Pinterest. I have been pinning for over five years now and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It’s hard when you love something so much to not talk about it ALL the time! At one point, almost all my sentences began with, “Oh, I saw this great pin on Pinterest…” I absolutely drove “The Boys” crazy but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to scream from the rooftops all the awesome ideas I was finding.

Then it came to me! I would share my love for Pinterest with my family and friends by throwing a Pinterest Party.

And that’s just what I did! My mom and I put our very first Pinterest Party together back in December of 2015. It was such a huge success that I have done one every year since. I’ve learned things along the way and I can’t wait to share my tips and tricks with you today.

I’m literally giddy with excitement and anticipation to bring you this post on How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party!

Let’s start with the basics. What is a Pinterest Party?

A Pinterest Party is just a fancy name for a craft party. The idea behind it is that everyone who comes will create a craft that they can take home with them. Plus, it’s a blast and a good excuse to get people together for a fun night! Trust me on that one 🤗

I have seen Pinterest parties done in a few different ways. One way I have seen it done is where there are multiple crafts available and you get to choose the one that you want to create when you arrive at the event. Another example I’ve heard of is when people bring over all their craft supplies, they place them on a table, and everyone creates whatever comes to their mind. Although both of these examples sound awesome, I am way too organized and way too controlling for either of these options to work for me.

Here’s how I organize my Perfect Pinterest Party

Pick a date.

I begin my planning process by picking a date for the party. Why is this important? The date is what I use to coordinate my theme for the party. I have had two December parties and one in October. We made Christmas crafts for the December parties and a pumpkin craft in October. I’ve found that most people like the idea of creating something for an upcoming holiday or season and you get a great response to your invite because of it.

Search Pinterest for 3 craft ideas.

With the date squared away, I begin searching Pinterest for three easy-to-make crafts that go along with my theme. I recommend choosing easy crafts because you don’t want anyone not coming just because they don’t consider themselves to be crafty. The easier the craft, the less intimidating it will be for your guests. Take a screenshot of the crafts you pick because you will be needing them in the next step!

Create an invitation using Evite.

If you haven’t used Evite before, you’re missing out. It’s an online platform that allows you to send out invitations and manage your event from a computer or an app on your phone. You can send invitations through email, on your social media accounts or even through text. I use it all the time to organize my parties and gatherings. I wrote about it in depth in, here.

Here’s the nitty-gritty. This is where I get to explain to you how I actually coordinate my Pinterest parties. In the last step, I picked three possible crafts for the party. In the invitation, I post a picture of each craft and number them 1, 2 and 3.

Here’s what it looks like:

Evite has a polling feature that you can add to your invitation and I allow the guests to vote for their favorite craft. The craft with the majority of the votes is the one we create the night of the party. Pretty smart, right?!

How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party
The Mason Jar Candle Holder was the clear winner!

I take control of buying all the materials and the guests just reimburse me for the craft on the night of the party. I explain in the invitation that the craft won’t cost more than $10. I update the invitation with an exact amount owed once I purchase the supplies.

Here’s the message I add to the invitation:

Back by popular demand, and a much-needed excuse to get everyone together, it’s time to dust off our crafting skills with a fun holiday craft. The way it works is I will post three different crafts and you’ll vote for your favorite one. The winner of the vote will be the craft we create on December 1st! The craft will be easy so no need to be intimidated. The cost will be no more than $10 and you can pay the day of the party. I purchase all the materials for you so you can just show up and be ready to have an excellent time!

*Please RSVP by November 23rd. I will need an exact number in order to purchase the materials.

Note that I ask everyone to RSVP at least a week before the party. I do this so I have some notice to get all the supplies in time for the event. I also buy a few extras in case someone decides after the RSVP date that they want to attend the party.

Decide on food and refreshments for the party.

It’s literally impossible for me not to serve food at an event I am throwing. However, I try my very best to keep it as simple as possible when it comes to my Pinterest Party. People are so busy creating that they don’t want a big meal anyway. Simple appetizers and a pitcher of sangria are what I have done all three years. People can help themselves throughout the night which makes it easier for you as the host.

With it being a Christmas party this year, I created holiday appetizers to go along with the theme. I enlisted the help of my friends to put these together. Thank you Missie, Tricia and Kristen.

The sangria was a Caramel Apple sangria I found….on Pinterest! I had none left and had doubled the recipe. Either it was really good or my friends and I are lushes. I’ll let you decide! It may sound obvious, but make sure you have non-alcoholic beverages to serve as well. I had a pregnant woman, kids, and some people who prefer not to drink in attendance. It’s important to have options for everyone. 👍

Set the table.

You’ll want to set the table before your guests arrive. Place all of the personal items each guest will need at their spot on the table. For example, this party we made painted mason jar candle holders. I made sure to have a mason jar, tea light candles, and fake snow in front of each person. Items like paint, paper towel, and baby wipes just got placed in the center of the table for communal use. I have also found it really useful to set up two snack tables on different sides of the room for things like hot glue guns and blow dryers.

Give directions and start crafting.

Give directions on how to put together the craft before everyone gets started. This is my favorite part because I’m a teacher, well was a teacher, and it’s in my nature to tell people what to do! Hahahaha! It’s also a good idea to provide pictures for everyone to look at. You’ll end up with some people who do the craft exactly like the picture and others who just take the general concept and run with it. You will honestly be amazed at how many different products you end up with.

Once started on their crafts, you’ll notice that everyone really gets focused on their final product. Some people will refill their drinks in between or grab a snack. People will talk at their tables and help one another. It’s just a great bonding experience for everyone involved. Your job as the host is to sit back, relax, and craft the time away.

I almost forgot one more thing! Don’t be surprised if you get requests for the next Pinterest Party while you’re actually hosting this party. It truly is such a great time that people beg you to host again soon. If you are looking for a unique excuse to get your family and friends together, I hope this post on How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party has you sold on making this your next event. You won’t be disappointed!

How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party
Our Final Products. All unique and beautiful in their own way.

Want to remember this? Post How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party to your favorite Pinterest board!

Are you guilty of Pinning a ton of craft ideas on Pinterest and never doing anything with them?! If this is you, consider throwing a Pinterest Party! Gather a group of ladies, family or friends and get to crafting. Here are my tips and tricks to hosting the perfect Pinterest Party! #Pinterest #LadiesNight #Crafts

How to Host the Perfect Pinterest Party

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