How to Organize Your Grocery List

How To Organize Your Grocery ListGrocery shopping. One of the dreaded responsibilities that come along with being an adult.  For me, there’s really no way of getting around making a trip to the grocery store at least once a week.  If only I was insanely rich and had someone else to do the shopping for me! To avoid spending any more time in the grocery store then I need to, I’ve learned how to organize my grocery list so I can get in and out of the store as fast as possible. Since I’m obviously one of the nicest people you know, I’m going to share with you how to organize your grocery list so you too can work smarter and not harder.

Curious why you should organize your grocery list? Here are a few reasons for you!

Making a grocery list saves you time. You should see what I look like in the grocery store when I don’t have a list. I’m literally like a chicken with my head cut off. I aimlessly walk up and down the aisles trying to figure out what I want to cook for the week. Did I mention I do this all while I talk out loud to myself? It’s embarrassing. People must think I’m crazy. In reality, I am crazy for not leaving the house with a grocery list. Be organized and stop wasting your time!

Making a grocery list saves you money. Having a list of exactly what you need keeps you from buying a cart full of items that “you might use” during the week. Your list will keep you focused and less likely to make impulse purchases. Make a grocery list; your wallet will thank you!

Making a grocery list saves you calories. Creating a grocery list forces you to stick to the items on your list and less likely to walk out the store with only cookies, chips and soda in your cart. I’ve been there a time or two and it’s only until you put all your food on the conveyor belt to be scanned that you realize what you’ve just done! Planning your meals ahead of time allows you to evaluate your food choices and stay more on track with a healthy diet. Making a grocery list is beneficial to your waistline!

Making a grocery list saves your marriage. It’s true! I know I’m not the only person who has gotten into an argument with their significant other about going to the grocery store for something that was forgotten.

It goes something like this:

Me: Babe, I forgot the butter for the cookies. Can you please stop on your way home from work and get it for me?

Babe: Really!?!? I just worked all day and now I have to stop at the store.

Me: Really!?!?! Is it so hard to walk into the grocery store for butter? I’m not asking you for a million dollars.

Babe: Ugh, I guess I can.

I know you’ve been there. Don’t fight over groceries, people! Make a list.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s learn how to organize your grocery list in the best way possible.

Begin with a grocery list brain dump.

What do I mean by a brain dump? Write everything down on a sheet of paper that you need from the grocery store. This includes items you are out of and all the items you need for your meals for the upcoming week.

My suggestion, have your brain dump as a running document that you place on or near your refrigerator. You and your family members can add to it as items get used and need to be replaced. Before going shopping, take the brain dump paper and add your additional items for your upcoming meals right to it. Replace the brain dump list and start all over again for the next week.

Categorize your items from your brain dump.

Now that you have all your needed grocery items on your brain dump list, you can start organizing your grocery list. I do this by putting my groceries into specific categories.

There are two ways to categorize your grocery list.

Categorize your grocery list by food groups. This is extremely beneficial for people trying to keep a well-balanced diet. Making categories based on food groups allows you to see if you are making healthy food choices from all of the food groups.

Categorize your grocery list by the order in which your grocery store is arranged in. This is the way that I personally prefer to organize my grocery list. I group my foods together in categories such as produce, meats, dairy, etc. This works well for me because 9 out of 10 times I shop at the same supermarket and I can easily go up and down the aisles once I organize my list to accommodate the store’s layout. The only time this doesn’t work really well for me is when I go to a different grocery store that isn’t set up like mine. Regardless though, having items categorized by sections still helps me even though the sections might not be in the exact same place.  

Grab your list and pen and head to the store!

As soon as you’re done creating your list put it in your purse or pocket or whatever you are going to be bringing with you to the store. While you’re at it, grab a pen too! Trust me on this one. Yes, I have gone through all the work of making a list only to leave it on the kitchen counter…Not one of my brightest moments. I have also gone shopping with my list and forgotten a pen. I have noticed, for myself anyway, that if I don’t physically scratch off the item as I put it in my cart I end up forgetting something. Just some advice from a woman who has been there, done that and is here to spare you the trouble!

There you have! It may sound silly, but learning how to organize your grocery list is beneficial in so many ways. To help you get started, I created a free brain dump printable along with a free grocery list printable to get you organized in a jiffy. Just type in your name and email address below and your printables will be sent right to your inbox. Enjoy and Happy Shopping!


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