Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

My Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal is finally happening on the blog today and I couldn’t be more excited. Step into our lake house and see how I transformed our sleep space into a teal and gray master bedroom that’s fit for a captain and the first mate!

Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

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I feel like I have been waiting for an eternity to share this lake house master bedroom reveal with you. I most likely feel this way because we’ve been in our lake house for over four years and I’ve yet to invite you in to take a look. Totally rude on my end, I know!

Truth be told, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I fully decorated our master bedroom. Our master suite was definitely plain Jane with simple white and gray decor. It was neat, clean, and organized, but totally lacked personality!

Gray and White bedroom decor

Is it just me, or are the bedrooms in your home some of the last spaces that seem to get attention? I tend to pour all my heart and soul into the common areas of our home like the kitchen and living room, but then slack with sprucing up the rooms that can be hidden behind a door.

I’ve wanted to spruce things up for some time but I’m not the only person who occupies the master bedroom if you know what I mean! The hardest part of this entire process was trying to convince Patrick that our lake house master bedroom decor wasn’t up to par. 

gray and white bedroom decor

Patrick was more than happy with the way our master suite looked and the idea of me wanting to add teal accents and girly decor to our master bedroom space wasn’t too appealing for him. I eased him into the idea and told him I was just going to switch out a few things and he’d “barely even notice the change”.

He begrudgingly said yes and I ecstatically got to planning our master bedroom redo. I hit the Internet in full force. I searched high and low for lake bedroom ideas as well as lake house bedding inspiration but I found myself not really loving anything I saw. 

gray and white bedroom decor

Although gorgeous, the majority of the lake house bedroom decor ideas I came across while searching were more of a nautical theme with navy being the primary accent color. In terms of our lake house decor, it leans more towards a coastal vibe with teal accents instead. 

It was at that point that I realized I would need to get a little creative. I wanted to create a lake house master bedroom that suited my teal and gray color scheme. And that’s exactly what I did… 

Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

My goal from the beginning with my lake house bedroom decor was to take our very generic gray and white bedroom and transform it into a teal and gray master bedroom oasis. My plan was to simply add teal accents to the space since the main pieces in our room were already gray and white. 

The first order of business was to get a new rug. Although I loved the rug we originally purchased, I thought it was a little too small. I also felt the rug would be a great place to add some teal too. I headed over to Rugs USA and found the most amazing teal and gray rug for our lake house bedroom. 

Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

I ordered the rug in an 8 x 10 and added a rug pad underneath it. I was able to do it for just around $250 including shipping, which I thought was an incredible deal. I highly recommend Rugs USA and this rug in particular.

With the rug out of the way, my next order of business was to find a bench to place at the foot of the bed. This wasn’t the easiest task due to our master bed being a king-size. The bigger the bed, the longer the bench you’ll need. I found this article for finding the perfect bed bench extremely helpful. 

I found this gray bed bench at Kirkland’s. The legs were more of a natural wood color so I had Patrick paint them a light gray to go with the teal and gray bedroom decor we were trying to achieve. I think it turned out beautifully! 

gray bed bench


Lake House Bedding

The next order of business was to incorporate teal and gray into my lake house bedding. I accomplished this by adding some gorgeous teal decorative pillows and a lovely teal quilt to the end of the bed. 

teal and gray master bedroom bedding

I absolutely love white bedding because it screams luxury to me. I purchased a new white duvet and down comforter insert in a crisp white color from Target and I was extremely happy with it. I do want to mention that the duvet insert is what is referred to as an all-season insert. This means it is on the thinner side so you can use it throughout all the seasons of the year.

gray and teal master bedroom decor

We love the thinner duvet insert because we tend to get EXTREMELY hot when sleeping. Besides the fact that we have a ceiling fan, I purchased this Dyson fan and air purifier for Patrick. We swear by it!

decorated gray nightstand and Dyson fan

Our sheets are white as well. I love a good striped white sheet set because, again, it reminds me of a high-end hotel or a luxurious spa. After all, luxury was the goal I was ultimately trying to achieve in our lake house master bedroom. 

Our king bed frame was already gray so I saved a ton of money not having to buy a whole new one. The bed frame was purchased at a local furniture store called American Signature. No worries though, I was able to find a similar style gray bed frame from Wayfair to share with you instead.  

teal and gray master bedroom bedding

Our cute little nightstands were Target finds from when we first moved into our lake house. Although I wasn’t able to find the exact one, I did find a similar gray nightstand that would work just as well. Lamps, as well as some pretty accessories, pull the whole lake house bedding together. I’m just so swooned by it!

decorated gray night stand

decorated gray night stand

teal and gray bedroom decor

Across from our bed area is one of my favorite pieces of furniture of all-time, our gray media console! I’m slightly obsessed with it. I feel like it just adds that “wow” factor that one tries to achieve in a master bedroom. I also bought this at American Signature but found something similar on Wayfair to share.

decorated gray media console

gray media console

All the accessories I added on top were purchased from Kirkland’s, Homegoods, and Target plus a handmade creation by me. The latitude and longitude sign was a gift for Patrick’s birthday made by yours truly!

tv console decor idea

And finally, possibly my favorite new addition to our teal and gray master bedroom…the gray leaning wall mirror! I have been literally dying for a mirror like this in our lake house bedroom since we moved in. I do a ton of Stitch Fix try-on reviews for my blog and I’ve honestly needed a mirror like this for some time now. This mirror was found at another local furniture store but Wayfair saved the day again and I was able to find a similar option for you.

Leaning gray mirror

The shag rug was an Ikea find. Isn’t it the cutest! The gray and white striped basket and the orchid were both Homegoods scores. The pillows and blankets were also found there. If you haven’t noticed yet, Homegoods and Kirkland’s are some of my favorite places to shop for our lake house decor!

leaning gray mirror

There you have it, my friend. I hope you enjoyed this Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal as much as I did sharing it with you. I couldn’t be happier with the way our teal and gray master bedroom turned out. It might not be the traditional decor you see in a lake home, but I hope my lake house bedroom decor ideas have encouraged you to think outside the box and create a master suite that suits your own needs.

lake house master bedroom decor ideas

lake house master bedroom decor ideas

Lake House Master Bedroom Reveal

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  1. Tiffany–this is absolutely stunning! And, I should know–my undergrad degree is in Interior Design and I’ve worked in the field in Los Angeles, Chicago and Salt Lake City and I had my own business, too. You have a knack for putting colors, styles, and textures together. And, I love all the personal touches–that’s what turns a house into a home. Fabulous work and I’m sure Patrick loves it! P.S.: I’ve got to check into Rugs, USA–I need a new one…thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Sharlene. Coming from someone like you who has an interior design degree, I take that as a huge compliment!! I feel like over time I have started to learn what does and doesn’t look good together. I look back at some of my older posts and I can see how much I’ve grown in terms of my designing skills. I’m a work in progress but really love doing it!

  2. In the dead of winter, I was so inspired to see your magnificent master bedroom update! Everything that you selected is perfect for the space and ambience. Love how well the colours work so well together. Definitely not too girly. Neither minimalist nor overdone, I could see myself never wanting to leave this incredible oasis that you’ve created. Congratulations!

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