Large Water Floats for the Lake

No day by the water is complete without one of these large water floats for the lake. These multi-person floats are just what you need for the perfect day at the lake. Grab your family and friends and head to the lake!

Large Water Floats for the Lake

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The weather is officially warming up and lake days are becoming a regular thing for us here. Not that we don’t use the lake often, it’s literally in our backyard, but sometimes life gets in the way and we’re just too busy to enjoy it. 

Sad to think about, but true nonetheless. 

With the current state of the world right now, we have nothing but time on our hands. And boy can I tell you, I’ve never been so grateful for this home and our surroundings than I am right now. We are beyond blessed. 

My husband can drive me absolutely bonkers at times, but his hard work and determination has truly provided so well for our family. Hard to believe we met working at T.G.I.Fridays when we were only 18 years old. It wasn’t an easy road, but we can now look back and enjoy all we’ve accomplished together as a couple.

Life Lesson: Set high goals and work at achieving them every day of your life. When obstacles arise, and they will, have your moment of pity but continue moving forward. Your biggest obstacle is usually yourself. If you can get out of your own head, there’s nothing that can hold you back.

I bet you didn’t think I’d be going so deep in a post about lake floats. Well, that makes two of us! I guess this self-quarantine is really getting to me.  

Now that I have you motivated to set high goals and reach for the stars, I want to switch your mindset to rewarding yourself for all that hard work you’re going to put in! And you can’t forget to grab your family and friends to join along in the fun. When things go back to normal, that is. 

Pack your lake bag, your ultimate list of lake day essentials, and get ready for a day of fun in the sun.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

Living on a lake, I know a thing or two about what makes a good float. If you want to live your best lake life you can’t just settle for any mediocre water float. You’ve got to get into your lake life state of mind and pick a water float that stands above the rest!

In my opinion, a perfect lake float needs to fall in at least one of the following categories:

  1. It comes in a fun shape. 
  2. It holds at least two people but four or more is even better.
  3. There’s a cooler or two for refreshments inside the actual float.

Floats in fun shapes might be my favorite category of floats. I mean, who doesn’t want to float on the lake laying on a flamingo or beautiful swan?! 

Flamingo water float

Swan Water Float



Or what about getting all your girlfriends together and vegging out on a unicorn float.

Unicorn Float

I can definitely see myself drinking a margarita while soaking up the sun on this watermelon lake float.

Watermelon Water Float

Floating on your own can be peaceful, and needed if you’ve had a hard week, but I almost always prefer to lounge around with my family and friends. Floating islands are a very popular way to do just that! I personally prefer to be in a seated position like these two floats.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

Large Water Floats for the Lake

This float is also a floating island that allows you to lay completely flat. This would be good if you want to tan both your front and back. It’s completely up to you what option you choose.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

These two floats are pretty awesome because you don’t have to worry about inflating them. You simply unroll them and they float right on the surface of the water. Bam, you’re done! 

Large Water Floats for the Lakes

I don’t own one of these but secretly have wanted a lake float like this since day one of living on the lake. That’s probably just the laziness coming out in me though!

Large Water Floats for the Lake

The last category of lake floats have special compartments to hold your refreshments! We own this four-seater float with two coolers and we absolutely love it.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

We have inflated it many times and just attached it to our dock to float around on.

Large Water Floats for the Lake
I love this picture. This was before we upgraded our dock and also when we still had our boxer, Luckie.

We’ve also brought it with us to the nearby chain of lakes we frequent to use with our friends.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

After much trial and error, we’ve found that the best way to transport our float to another lake is to keep it deflated and place it under one of the seats in our pontoon.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

We purchased a convertor that plugs into our pontoon. It has a regular plug adaptor on it. We bring our electric air pump with us and just blow up the float right there on the lake. We deflate it before heading back to the ramp! Genius, right?!

Large Water Floats for the Lake

This float would be perfect for you and your sweetie to lounge at the lake with. Make sure to pack your cooler with something special.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

These two large water floats for the lake hold up to six people and also have coolers! Lake life can’t get much better than this, my friend.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

Large Water Floats for the Lake

What kind of water float person do you see yourself being? Are you leaning more towards the fun shape category? Or are you more of an island float with coolers? I’d love to know your float style!

Each and every one of these large water floats for the lake are sure to get you soaking up all the lake vibes! Do yourself a favor and try one of them for yourself. I can pretty much guarantee your family and friends will be thanking you immensely.

Large Water Floats for the Lake

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Large Water Floats for the Lake

Large Water Floats for the Lake

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    1. I’m hoping things turn around at some point too and you and the family can make it to the lake! The best part about all these floats is they’re big enough to share with the whole family.

    1. Yes, it’s pretty awesome to have this in our backyard. Hopefully this summer you can get in the lake at some point and try out a float or two. Your whole family can fit on one 😉

  1. Wow! I know where to come when looking for amazing float devices–this was great and loaded with such great information! However–I love what you said about when obstacles get in the way–to keep pushing forward. We can’t hear that enough–especially now. Thanks so much for a FUN blog–to distract us from overwhelming matters! I loved it!

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