Luckie Girl

The love of a dog is truly unconditional. Come meet our furry family member, Luckie Girl. See some of the things she loves and learn why we are LUCKY to have her in our lives! Being a pet owner is such a blessing. 

Last week our Boxer Luckie turned 9 years old. Every year we look forward to January 13th because we know it’s her special day and we can’t wait to shower her with extra hugs and kisses.
We get so excited for the big day weeks before it arrives. Then, like clockwork, the day comes and we totally forget her birthday!

I promise you we love Luckie like she’s a human – we literally consider her a part of our family but for whatever reason when the actual day arrives to celebrate her birthday we have a complete brain lapse…

As a way to make up for being such a horrible Doggy Momma, I decided to write all about Luckie Girl and the many things that make her the best dog ever!

What makes Luckie Girl happy?

Luckie Girl | The love of a dogFor starters, Luckie craves human interaction. She is not the dog that is going to hide in a bedroom or run the other way when she hears the doorbell ringing. She’s an extrovert like her mom! Honestly, you won’t even make it in the front door before she greets you. We try to control her but she’s her own woman and does her own thing. What can I tell you!

The more you pet her, the more she loves you. If you sneak her some people food you’ve moved into her best friend territory and will be followed around for the duration of your visit. Most people don’t mind because she’s such a sweetheart.  

Although I am currently in the “dog house” for forgetting her birthday, I would have to say I’m Luckie Girl’s favorite person. She’s my sidekick, my cuddle buddy, my shadow. This probably has to do with the fact that I spoil her rotten and have done so since the day we brought her home.

Luckie Girl | The love of a dog
One of my favorite pictures of us! Circa 2012

Look at this baby picture of her. How could you not melt at this face! I created a monster from day one and I now have to live with it. There are worse things in life, don’t you think?

Luckie Girl | The love of a dogIn addition to loving her mom, Luckie is literally obsessed with the lake. “The Boys” and I agree that Luckie has benefited the most from moving into our new house. You’d never know she’s nine years old. She’s vibrant and happy and loves being by the water. Don’t confuse that with being in the water! Ironically, she loves everything about the lake except the actual water itself. She fell in going after a fish once and almost had a heart attack. From that point forward she’s used a little more caution when maneuvering around the lake.

Luckie Girl | The love of a dogFishing is probably one of Luckie’s favorite things to do. She quickly realized that when you cast out a fishing pole there’s a chance that a LIVE FISH might be on the other end. She waits, not so patiently, for someone to catch something. You will find her in almost every picture we have of us fishing.

This was on Sunday afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love Florida? It was a beautiful day here on Sunday. Temperatures were in the 70’s and the lake was just calling our names. So we had to answer, of course. 

Luckie Girl | The love of a dogLuckie Girl loves fishing off the dock but loves it even more on the pontoon. You can click here to see her during one of our many fishing trips. 

When she isn’t fishing, you can find Luckie lounging in the sun on the patio. She’s got the life, that Luckie Girl!

Luckie Girl | The Love of a Dog
Luckie aka Cleopatra

The truth of the matter is that we are the lucky ones to have our Luckie Girl. A dog’s love is unconditional and we are so grateful to have our goofy Boxer in our life. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her. 

We love you, Luckie Girl! And Happy Belated Birthday. 💜 

Luckie Girl | The love of a dogDo you have a pet? A dog? A cat? Maybe even a rat? Tell me what you love about them in the comments section below!

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The love of a dog is truly unconditional. Come meet our furry family member, Luckie Girl. See some of the things she loves and learn why we are LUCKY to have her in our lives! Luckie is the best lake dog a human could ask for. #lakedog #lakelife #boxers #lakelifestateofmind

Luckie Girl The Lake Dog

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  1. Beautiful animal–and family member! Animals are the greatest–especially when the owners treat them as part of the family–like you do. Luckie is one lucky dog! And you are one lucky family to have her! Great post–love posts about animals–and the photos are fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Sharlene. It’s funny you said, “We are lucky to have Luckie.” We say this all the time. Sad story, but we were broken into last year and they went after Luckie and hurt her. She did her job and protected our house no matter what the cost. The police said that she single-handedly saved our house from being completely ransacked. She’s really amazing. Love her to pieces.

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