Our Lakeside Patio Reveal

Come visit me at the lake today and see Our Lakeside Patio Reveal that has been months in the making. Get inspiration for your own backyard with these outdoor patio decorating ideas just in time for the warmer weather. Your backyard or patio is just waiting to be redecorated for the warmer weather. Let me help you get started with these coastal-inspired decor ideas. 

Come visit me at the lake today and see Our Lakeside Patio Reveal that has been months in the making. Get inspiration for your own backyard with these outdoor patio decorating ideas just in time for the warmer weather. Your backyard or patio is just waiting to be redecorated for the warmer weather. Let me help you get started with these coastal-inspired decor ideas. #patio #lakehousedecor #lakehouse #coastalliving #coastaldecor #outdoorspace #lakelifestateofmind
I have to apologize to you. Back in February, I promised I would be sharing with you Our Lakeside Patio Reveal “soon”. We had just finished getting a pergola built in our backyard and I was eager to start decorating the space. I was so excited about the whole thing I almost couldn’t contain myself!

But as luck would have it, things didn’t go according to plan.

Fast forward to today. It is now mid-April, two months since posting our new pergola on the blog, and I’m finally able to share with you our outdoor transformation. Between back ordered patio furniture, and damaged pieces being delivered, our lakeside patio project was nothing short of a major headache. Why doesn’t anything ever go as planned?!

Despite the craziness, we were finally able to get everything handled and our patio turned out AMAZING! And it’s ready to be shared, HOORAY! So find a comfy spot and get ready to tour our new outdoor space.

Our Lakeside Patio Reveal Our patio is broken up into three distinctive areas:

  • Covered patio area
  • Fire pit area
  • Pergola area

Covered patio area

This particular area was here when we bought the home. Other than the addition of some brick pavers and patio furniture, this space is exactly the same as it was when we bought our house. The balcony outside our master bedroom is what makes this area “covered”.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealWe tend to use this area the most because it’s right off our kitchen and provides shade from the hot Florida sun.  It also shields us from the rain which is another form of weather we deal with a lot here in the Sunshine State. Yes, I’m aware that is an oxymoron! Now that summer is approaching, I expect it to start raining pretty much every day around 3 or 4 pm. It’s just the norm here in Florida, what can I tell you!

Our Lakeside Patio Reveal
All our fishing gear. We do live on a lake!

The patio furniture was purchased for us as a housewarming gift. It came from Wayfair and needed to be assembled upon delivery. It took Patrick a couple of hours to put it all together but the directions were straightforward. The cushions were also included in the set. The decorative strip pillow on the couch was not part of the Wayfair set, however. I purchased the pillow separately at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealThe accessories on the coffee table are more for practicality and not so much appearance. Both candles are citronella to keep away the mosquitos! I tried my best to get candles that looked pretty but also served a purpose.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealFinally, the teal rug was purchased from Overstock.com. It’s made by a company called Ruggables. It’s the first time a rug has been created that can be cleaned in your washing machine. There is a black layer on the bottom and the top is just a decorative rug that velcros to it. You simply detach the top layer from the bottom, wash it in your machine, and adhere it again when it’s clean. You can also purchase additional designs and switch out the rugs as often as you’d like.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealI must admit, I’m still not sold on the whole concept. My biggest problem is the rug doesn’t stay secure. There are only velcro pieces on the four corners which allow for the sides to blow up with a gust of wind or when the lawn guys come and us their blowers. I’ll probably need to add additional velcro pieces if I don’t want it to move but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet.

Fire pit area

This is one of my absolute favorite places to be! Our fire pit was built when we added brick pavers to our backyard shortly after moving into our house. It matches the same bricks that we used throughout the entire patio area. The same brick pavers were used to make a walkway to our dock as well.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealWe added these turquoise Adirondack chairs around the fire pit a few months ago. We purchased them from Amazon and are thrilled with the way they look! The color is spectacular and really does a great job of bringing the colors from the inside of our house to our outside space. We did have to put together the chairs ourselves but the process was simple.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealDespite living in Florida where it’s normally hot ALL THE TIME, we really have put this fire pit to good use. We love pulling out our projector with screen and watching a movie or even the Super Bowl by the fire. We even threw a couple of parties for our teenage son, Zach and his friends! Check it out here.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealOur gorgeous new pergola area

We had this pergola built for us back in February. We found an amazing contractor who built it for us from scratch. He was awesome! You can see the entire process here and learn some great tips to hiring the perfect contractor for your next home improvement project.

Five Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Contractor
The Piece De Resistance 💜

I created the perfect interview questions to ask your potential home improvement candidates. They are available for free in my resource library. You’ll need a password to enter so make sure to snag it using the form at the bottom of this post.


The patio furniture was purchased from Lowes. As much as I want to write an angry review about my experience, I will refrain from doing so and just advise you to make sure all your pieces are in stock when making your purchase to avoid yourself any hassle. It took us about two months to finally get our complete set. It wasn’t a fun process at all.

Despite the drama, I am in love with this patio dining set for so many reasons. For starters, take a look at this table. I wanted a wood table for the patio but was worried about the Florida weather taking a toll on it. Patrick found that pretty humorous considering the pergola right above the table is all wood. My response, “Whatever!” I hate when he counters back with common sense…

Our Lakeside Patio RevealLucky for me, I found this table at Lowes. Take a really close look at it. Looks like wood, right? Believe it or not, it’s actually metal made to look like wood. I can not begin to tell you how happy this made me when I realized it. I bet the person who created it lives in Florida or somewhere else tropical. Genius!

Our Lakeside Patio RevealThe next thing that caught my eye about the patio dining set were the chairs. They are wicker! This was perfect because they match the design of the chairs under our covered patio area. It really helps pull all the outdoor spaces together. We opted for four captains’ chairs and one long bench. This furniture comes as a set but not in this particular configuration. We pieced together the chairs we wanted by looking at the options available through Lowes (hence the back ordered pieces). I’m really happy we did though because I love the look that we accomplished!

Our Lakeside Patio Reveal

The cushions came with the set. They aren’t necessarily teal but they still work because they are blue. I was able to tie in the cushion color with the tableware to make it all work.

Our Lakeside Patio Reveal
Captain’s Chair

Look at the floor. Does that rug look familiar? It’s the same rug as the one from the covered patio area just in a larger size. Again, I was trying to pull all the areas in our backyard together.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealWhile at Lowe’s we also picked up a new grill. Who knew they made grills in blue! Weber offers grills in many colors. I had “The Boys” pick one out while I figured out the patio furniture. Patrick wanted a cream grill and Zach wanted a brown one. They deliberated back and forth until I walked over and said, “Nope, I want the blue!” Mommy wins! I can be so demanding sometimes. I do have many other positive qualities though💜

Our Lakeside Patio RevealAnd now for my favorite part of the lakeside patio reveal: the table settings and decorations. Oh my goodness, I am literally in love with how this all turned out! I want to throw a backyard bbq tomorrow so I can use all this gorgeous decor!

For the center of the table, I purchased this beautiful galvanized container filled with fake white flowers. I just love how fresh and clean the white looks! This was definitely an awesome find at HomeGoods.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealOn either side of the flowers, I placed these silver-trimmed glass lanterns. I filled them with candles that came in teal holders.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealI purchased everything at HomeGoods except these teal placemats. Where did I find those? Believe it or not, I found them at the Dollar Tree along with some other great serving dishes to use this summer.

The plates I found are absolutely beautiful. I am DYING over the colors. Can you believe they are all plastic too?!?! They refer to the material as melamine. You can find some pretty amazing designs online. It’s really hard to believe they aren’t glass.

I purchased two different configurations of plates so I could switch things up if I wanted to. I actually ended up with a combination of both configurations for the table.

For the two heads of the table, I went with this combo.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealFor the four other settings, I decided on this configuration.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealLook at these gorgeous teal cups! Guess what? They are plastic too!

Our Lakeside Patio RevealAnd the wine glasses, mine aren’t plastic, BUT you can find plastic ones at HomeGoods. I saw them there with my very own eyes 🙂

Simply beautiful. I am in love!

Our Lakeside Patio RevealWhat’s your favorite part of the table? Please let me know in the comments below.

Our Lakeside Patio RevealWell, there you have it. Our Lakeside Patio Reveal has finally been REVEALED. I hope it was worth the wait. I for one am happy it’s done and I can now sit back and enjoy it.  Happy Decorating, everyone! Time for me to get into my Lake Life State of Mind.



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Our Lakeside Patio Reveal | Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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  1. Tiffany! This is gorgeous! Love the turquoise and I love all your great finds at HomeGoods. Your attention to detail is inspiring and I love the crisp, clean contrast between the turquoise and white. Every piece of furniture is perfect–love the wood table (you had to replace 4x) contrasted with the firepit chairs. Everything is perfect! And, this looks like the most amazing place to live–right by the water. I’m sure this is your “dream” home!–and you’ve clearly changed it from a house to a home with all your beautiful touches and design work. Bravo!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful words, Sharlene! Slowly but surely I’m making my way through the house and adding my personal touch. Here’s the question…will we go broke in the process!?!? Thanks again for talking the time to comment 💜

  2. Love everything about the patio. I especially smiled when I saw the fishing rods and thought, I know which one is Tiffany’s! My question, what’s for dinner???

    1. It all depends? How good are you at fishing?! Possibly a bass and some fresh veggies from your farm 🙂

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