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Welcome to my home on the lake! My name is Tiffany and I am the blogger behind Lake Life State of Mind, a site dedicated to helping you Create a Life Anchored in Family and Fun!

Here’s my story…

I’m a wife, mom of a teenager, and an absolute lover of lake life!

I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, neighbor, band mom, volunteer, and about a hundred more titles I could rattle off to you if you really wanted me to… but simply said, I’m a typical woman in today’s world.

I’m trying to be all these things to all these people to the best of my ability as often as possible. And I’m not going to lie, it can be hard sometimes!

More times than I probably want to admit, I’ve found myself barely keeping my nose above lake water struggling to keep it all together…

But one day, shortly after moving into our beautiful lake home, it hit me…I’m making my life harder than it needs to be!

It’s me. I’m the one adding so many unnecessary things on my plate each and every day. I’m the one trying to be everything to everyone when in reality I’m so burnt out that I’m not giving 100% to anyone…not even myself.

That Ah-Ha moment is what brought me to where I am today and the true reason behind creating my blog, Lake Life State of Mind.

Life is chaotic. Time flies at lightning speed. We ourselves are growing older. Our kids seem to be growing at an even faster rate. Parents, grandparents, and dear friends are passing away.

We have spouses that work crazy hours. Kids that are in so many activities we feel like the only time we see them is when we’re chauffeuring them from point A to point B.

And while this is taking place, we’re so consumed in just staying afloat, that we forget to take a step back and smell the roses.

Yes, you’ll find some delicious recipes and awesome party ideas on my blog. You’ll also find organizing tips and holiday inspiration too. You’ll see my family enjoying days on the lake and my beautifully decorated home.

What you might not see at first glance, though, is the message behind it all.

So here it is:

Time is precious. You can only do so much. Stop trying to be ALL THE THINGS and start being the few things that truly matter. Be intentional with your time and energy. Prioritize what matters and don’t feel guilty about saying NO to what doesn’t. Make and embrace those special moments in your life and enjoy every single second of them. When it comes to family and dear friends, make sure to eat together, laugh together, and just BE together. Because really, that’s what life is all about!

So come visit me at the lake, and together, we can create a life anchored in family and fun!


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Lake Life State of Mind About Me