Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

There’s nothing better at Christmastime for a superhero fanatic than a superhero decorated Christmas tree. See how we decorated an entire Christmas tree in a fun superhero theme for our son’s comic book room.

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

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My son, Zach, is absolutely obsessed with All Things Superhero! He has been since he was a little boy. I blame my husband, Patrick, for the obsession. Patrick wanted Zach to have every single superhero action figure out on the market…since he didn’t have them as a kid. 

We tend to do that as parents, don’t we? We try to relive our childhood through our own kids. It’s kind of one of my favorite parts of being a parent, actually. I enjoy having the ability to relive everything I once experienced when I was younger but now as an adult. It’s almost more fun now!

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

Patrick obviously had a love of superheroes since he was a little boy, but I never knew much about them being a girl. I was all about the Barbies and Easy-Bake ovens. Superheroes weren’t necessarily in my wheelhouse or even a thought in my brain.

I’m happy to report that my superhero knowledge has increased ten-folds over my son’s 17 years of life. I’m convinced this is mainly due to the fact that he requested we read an entire Marvel Encyclopedia as his bedtime story every night for years. Let’s just say I now have a Ph.D. in this department.

I should also mention that Zach now works at a comic book store so I’m constantly being quizzed on my superhero knowledge. He also has a collection of almost 4,000 comic books in our house so we basically eat, sleep, and breathe superheroes in the Hernandez household.

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

Besides the superhero books and comics we’ve purchased over the years, we also invested in clothing, bedding, wall decor, and much more. With my mom working at Hallmark for 15 years, we also accumulated quite the collection of superhero Christmas tree ornaments. Every year, we would have to buy any new superhero ornaments that were offered.

This year, for the first time ever, I decided to invest in two additional Christmas trees to keep upstairs for the holidays: one for our Lake House Master Bedroom and the other for Zach’s comic/movie room. I figured a Christmas tree would fit perfectly in the room and we sure have enough ornaments to decorate it with. 

I ended up getting this 7-foot pencil Christmas tree from Michaels during their Christmas tree event that took place in November. I seriously snagged it for $39.99. It’s even pre-lit with beautiful white lights. I thought that was a total bargain!

Superhero Decorated Christmas TreeI loved the size of the tree because it fit perfectly into the corner of the room. It was like it was always meant to be there. Am I right?!

Before adding any ornaments at all to the tree, I grabbed some red glitter wire ribbon to intertwine throughout the Christmas tree. I picked red because it’s a super popular color amongst superheroes. Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman…they all have red on their uniforms. 

Wonder Woman Christmas ornament

With the red ribbon spread out throughout the tree, I focused my attention on the ornaments. We have so many awesome Superhero tree ornaments that we’ve collected over the years. I love how each of them displays the different personalities of the superheroes they’re representing.

My favorites are probably the Spider-Man superhero tree ornaments. I love how they look as if he’s just about to shoot his webs right before he swings around New York City. 

Spider-Man Christmas ornament

Spider-Man Christmas ornament

I’m also kind of partial to the Black Panther ornament Zach found at Target last year. With the passing of Chadwick Boseman occurring this year, I felt the need to put this special ornament near the top of the tree for all to see.

Black Panther Christmas ornament

I almost forgot how many superhero tree ornaments we had until I started putting them up on the Christmas tree. We have so many different superheroes represented from Flash to Hulk to Thing to Wolverine. We’ve got Marvel and DC all in one place. Zach is obviously in his glory!

Wolverine Christmas Ornament

Finding the perfect superhero tree skirt was easy. We went into the fabric section of our craft store and purchased a yard of superhero fabric. There were a few to choose from but Zach settled on one. I found a similar superhero fabric from Walmart for you to take a look at.

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

We went with a star for the Christmas tree topper. Just a silver glitter star with a few lights inside to shine brightly on top. I think it made the perfect finish to a perfect superhero-themed Christmas tree. 

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree
To add a little more Christmas feel to his space, I purchased a few colored light strands from the Dollar Tree to add to the bookshelf and DJ stand. They are battery-operated so I didn’t have to worry about finding outlets to plug them into. Score for me!

Another fun feature, one that we also have in our master bedroom, is a remote control to turn the tree lights on and off with. It makes Zach’s life easier turning the tree on and off without having to climb under the tree to plug and unplug it. He’s six feet tall so it’s a little bit of a pain for him. He’s also a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP so the remote works out great! 

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

The biggest compliment I received after putting up this tree was actually from Zach himself. Not that he didn’t want the tree in his comic book room, but his first reaction when I asked him about it wasn’t as enthusiastic as I thought it would be. After seeing it up and in the space now, he’s absolutely in love with it. He asked if he could keep it up year-round!

I must admit, I love the cheerfulness and fun associated with this Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree. I’m kind of patting myself on the back for even coming up with the idea. My mind is already going a million miles a minute in terms of what other themed Christmas trees I can come up with for next Christmas. Any suggestions?!

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Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree

Superhero Decorated Christmas Tree


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