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The Best Gifts for Curly Hair

Using my own expertise as a curly hair woman, I created a list of the best gifts for curly hair that are perfect for any special curly-haired person in your life. Help your curly hair friend tame their mane!

The Best Gifts for Curly Hair

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You might not be a curly-haired person yourself, but I can pretty much guarantee you know someone close to you rocking a curly hairdo. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m noticing an influx of curly hair popping up all over the place. 

It’s becoming a thing to embrace your curly hair these days. Between YouTube and TikTok videos, and Instagram Stories too, people are sharing their curly hair tips as well as stories about how they magically discovered they had curly hair. Believe it or not, some people just assumed they had unruly frizzy hair and never once stopped to think maybe their hair was curly all along.

For me, I always knew I had curly hair but I struggled with how to care for it.  Truth be told, it wasn’t until recently that I started appreciating the fact that I had curly hair. I did everything I could to hide the fact that I even had it. I spent an hour a day flat ironing the heck out of it until it was pin straight. Embarrassing but true!

The Best Gifts for Curly Hair
My straight hair days!

One of the good things that came out of this crazy year we’re having was the time I spent educating myself on curly hair and the right way to take care of it. I’m happy to report that since March of this year, I have not turned on my flat ironing once! Not for one single second.


In addition to not using any heat on my hair, I’ve also changed all my towels, pillowcases, and styling products. I’ve literally changed my entire hair routine in order to embrace my curly locks. And you know what? I’ve actually become pretty good at it!

If you are looking for not only a unique gift for someone special but a useful one too, I’ve put together this list of the best gifts for curly hair people. Buy a few from the list and give as stocking stuffers. Or you can also buy them all and put together an epic Curly Hair Gift Basket for your favorite curly-haired friend!

woman with curly hair

The Best Gifts for Curly Hair

Wide-tooth combs: Who knew that the type of brush you use on your hair would be so important? I sure didn’t. And I was using the absolute worst kind for my curly hair.

wide-toothed comb for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you should never use any brush other than a wide-tooth comb. Again, no other brushes allowed. The only exception is when you use your own fingers to comb through your knotted curly hair. Wide-tooth combs and your own fingers through wet hair…period!

wide-toothed comb for curly hair

Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: I swear by these shampoo and conditioner hair products. They came highly recommended after watching numerous social media videos and tutorials. After trying them myself, I can contest that the reviews are 100% spot on. I don’t, and won’t, use any other brand anymore after trying them.

Shea Moisture Shampoo

Shea Moisture Conditioner

Microfiber towels: Like the brush epiphany, I was equally in shock when I learned that using a regular bath towel isn’t good for curly hair people. For 38 years, I hadn’t used anything but a regular bath towel on my hair! 

Here’s what I learned about towels. Not only is a microfiber towel gentler on curly hair, but it also dries it in half the time as a regular bath towel. It’s pretty darn amazing!

microfiber hair towel

On a side note, I own a few of these microfiber towels. I do this so I always have one handy even if one is in the laundry. If you’re making a Curly Hair Gift Basket, you might want to buy two or more of these for that reason.

microfiber hair towel

Curling Styling Cream: The only product I use in my hair after washing it is Cantu curling styling cream. It helps seal in moisture and helps enhance your hair’s natural curl. It helps tame frizzy and unruly hair too.

This product was life-changing for me! The best part is, it’s super cheap and can be found in Walmart or you can buy it on Amazon as I do. I’m truly obsessed with this item and if I were stranded on a deserted island forever, this would be one thing I wish I had with me!

Cantu Curling Cream

Satin Pillowcases: This was a recent purchase for me. I actually picked a set of two up when they were on sale for Amazon Prime Day. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and now that I have one, I’m a true believer.

Satin pillowcases are important for curly hair people because they create less friction keeping your curly locks intact and reducing hair breakage. And for an added bonus, it’s great for the skin on your face too! The material doesn’t crinkle and cause wrinkling on your sweet babyface.

satin pillowcases

Satin Scrunchies: Along the same lines as the satin pillowcases, these satin scrunchies are more gentle on curly hair and cause less breakage. Add in the fact that satin scrunchies are just plain adorable and these are the perfect gift for a curly hair girl or woman!

satin hair scrunchies

satin hair scrunchies

Satin Headbands: Aren’t these satin headbands the cutest accessory?! I love how they can add a little extra touch to your daily look. They’re such a fashion statement!

satin headbands

Water Spray Bottle: Curly hair can only be styled when wet. If you try styling your curly hair when it is dry, you’ll end up with nothing but a frizzy mess. I can promise you that from my own experience!

I love this water spray bottle from Amazon because it sprays continuously and really does a good job of fully wetting your hair. I use it whenever I wash my hair the night before and need to style it the next morning when it has dried completely. I also use it if I want to touch up my hair later on in the day.

Water spray bottle

The moral of the story is, any of these items would make that special curly hair person in your life jump for joy! I stand by all these items that I personally use and I promise they really are the best gifts for curly hair girls and women. Happy Gift Giving!

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The Best Gifts for Curly Hair

The Best Gifts for Curly Hair

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  1. I am saving this! I need help in this category! My hair has a natural wave to it that can be a little curly but I always opt for no curl. I need to do some of these things. One of the things we do have from your list is the spray bottle. We LOVE it! It’s truly great!

    1. Yes, the spray bottle is AMAZING! I think you should definitely give curly hair a try. You might actually be surprised how much curl you really have and never knew about. I know I was. I thought I just had frizzy curly hair all this time! Guess not 🤣

  2. You know I can use all of this! I really think it is a lot harder to maintain curly hair than straight hair. And everyone’s curly hair is so different!

    1. So true!! It takes time to figure it all out and see what works best for your specific curly hair. That’s why I don’t feel so bad that it took my 38 years to finally get it right 🤣 PS I love your curls!

    1. Yes! The towel is honestly amazing. I use them every day and even bring them on vacation with me.

  3. So funny that you said you used to flat iron your hair all the time – I️ am that way as well, but my hair has always been naturally wavy. It is so much easier to maintain wavy hair but I️’m still struggling to give up my flat iron! Haha

    1. Giving up the iron was HARD!! When you’re used to hiding you have curly hair for so long, your flat iron is your best friend. So I totally get it 🤣

  4. This is an amazingly informative post, Tiffany! Like most of the people in the world (or so I’ve been told), I, too have curly hair. Growing up I hated it because there was not the array of products to “tame the frizz” as there are today. I know about most of these–and I use them and so do my granddaughters who also have curls–but I want to check out the Cantu shea butter. I have not heard of it–and I also want to try the shampoo you recommend. Thank you for such great ideas! I’m keeping this post handy!

    1. Cantu is amazing! I use it every day and I swear by it. I tried a newer product this week and I’m not as crazy about it. If I end up liking it, I’ll make sure to add it here in case you want to try it too!

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