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The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket for Your NFL-Obsessed Man is the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, son, or even brother. Learn how to make a relaxing gift basket for that special man in your life.

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

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Please tell me I’m not the only woman in the world with a significant other that is impossible to buy for? My husband, Patrick, is the absolute hardest person for me to buy gifts for, period

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of time and energy I have to put into figuring out gifts to buy him in preparation for his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s and Father’s Day, and even our anniversary. 

The saddest part of all is the fact that 50% of the time the gifts I buy don’t even work out. 

Let’s talk about Christmas, for example.

  • I bought the wrong model of Apple iWatch for him. Apparently the one he wanted had to be specially ordered from Apple. 
  • Also, I found a company that makes beautiful leather bracelets for men that you can personalize with your family’s names. Of course, I bought it. Patrick tried on the bracelet and guess what?? It was too small. Just my luck!

The struggle is real, people. And it’s not just finding gifts for my husband, I also find myself scratching my head when buying for my dad, stepdad, and even my brothers. Shamefully, I’ve resorted to gift cards which I hate because I feel like they totally lack emotion.

When it comes to buying something for the females in my life, I tend to have a much easier time. One of my favorite things to do is come up with a theme and create an entire gift basket around it. 

Some themes I’ve used in the past: lake/beach inspired basket, book/reading basket, cooking basket, baking basket, entertaining basket, wine and cheese basket, and spa/self-care basket. 

I really love giving themed-baskets and receiving them too. Can’t you tell! I just find the whole process fun…picking the idea, shopping for the items, and then putting it all together. It makes me super happy!

Why can’t gift giving be this much fun for the men in our lives too?! I became determined to figure out a way to do it because I was sick and tired of dreading the gift giving process for all the males in my life.

And with that determination came the birth of The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man.

I took a moment and said to myself, “Self, there’s no reason men can’t enjoy a nice gift basket too!”

The key to the perfect gift basket idea for any woman, or man for that matter, is just figuring out what their interests are and working around that theme.  

Case in point, my husband Patrick. If you ask anyone who knows him what his hobby or love is, everyone would immediately respond with the Miami Dolphins. The man is truly obsessed. There really isn’t any other word to use for it! 

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

Maybe your significant other loves baseball, basketball, hockey or even fishing. Or maybe they’re a football fanatic just like my guy. 

Take a second to think about it and I’m sure it will just jump out at you. It did for me!

But just liking the Miami Dolphins is so general. Plus, everyone and their mother buys Patrick Dolphins gear for every holiday or celebration because they know he likes it. I knew I wanted to stick with the theme but I needed to niche it down even more. 

Although he won’t admit it, Patrick could really use a day to just sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. He works like a dog and very rarely has time to relax. Trying to get him to slow down can be a battle. He doesn’t surrender easily.

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

Self-care and relaxation baskets are all the hype for females these days but not so much for men. Maybe because most of them are like my own husband who don’t feel the need to take a step back every once in a while and slow down.

Buying a bunch of relaxing items like candles, pajamas, and slippers to put in a basket would most likely be a total bust with Patrick. I’m sure he’d think it was too feminine for him. But, if I made all the relaxing items related to the Miami Dolphins, I knew he would approve. 

There was my niche! A sports-related gift basket focusing on relaxation. With the idea in mind, I made my way over to Amazon to hunt down all the items I needed to put in this epic basket for Patrick.

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Find my full disclosure policy, here.

Before I go into detail about the items to put in your special guy’s gift basket, I wanted to make you aware that every item is available for all NFL teams. Click on any item below and you will be able to change the team once you’re there.

And one more thing, the cost of all these items together totals somewhere within the $175 and $200 ballpark. The price varies a little between some of the different team items. This is a little pricey but I’m personally okay with spending this on my spouse or close relatives. If this is too much for you, pick just a few items from the list and make a smaller basket for friends and save a little cash!

The Northwest Company Officially Licensed NFL Men's Silk Touch Lounge Robe, Multi Color

Robe – All relaxation baskets should have some sort of robe. This robe is legit. If it came in my size I would totally need one! Too bad it’s for men only. In terms of size, this item is a one-size fits all. I truly love how comfortable it looks! And so you know, the colors vary based on the NFL team you follow.

FOCO NFL Mens Football Team Logo Moccasin Slippers Shoes

Slippers – How can you have a robe and not have a nice pair of comfy slippers to wear with it? These NFL-logo slippers are polyester-lined with rubber soles, making them perfect to walk from the bed to the couch and back to bed for the ultimate day of R&R.

Zubaz Men's Officially Licensed NFL Print Team Logo Comfy Pants

Lounge pants – These pajama-type lounge pants are exactly what a man needs to feel comfortable while watching the game, a movie or even gaming! They’re the male edition of yoga pants! They expand well if your guy eats a few too many wings or drinks that extra beer. 

Siskiyou NFL Toothbrush

Toothbrush – This one is kind of a gift for the person putting the gift together. It’s a fun little way to remind your special guy that although there’s nothing but relaxation in his future, he still needs to brush his teeth!

Officially Licensed NFL "Zone Read" Beach Towel, 30” x 60”, Multi Color

Towel – He might also want to shower too and dry himself off with this NFL towel! See how I have you covered?!

Worthy Promo NFL Unisex-Adult NFL 8 Oz Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle with Lid

Candle – I personally patted myself on the back with this one. An actual soy candle with an NFL logo. Come on people, this is pure gold. The candles are linen-scented and can burn up to 40 – 50 hours. This was a good find!

Officially Licensed NFL Steal Duffel Bag, Multi Color, 28" x 11" x 12"

Duffle Bag – This is my basket for this sports-themed gift basket! Instead of using a regular wicker basket that will probably end up in the trash, how about arranging these items within the duffle bag for a fun presentation. Keep the duffle bag unzippered and fan out the other items so the recipient can easily see what’s inside.

And how easy would it be to switch the theme of this basket to college football or baseball or basketball? For the first time in a very long time, I can actually say I had a great time shopping for a present for my husband. What a miracle!

For all my people out there who are suffering too, there’s hope. I promise you that! If I can do it, you can do it too. Happy Gift Shopping!

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The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

The Ultimate Relaxing Gift Basket For Your NFL-Obsessed Man

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  1. These are great ideas, Tiffany! Like you, my husband and sons are impossible to buy for. I’m now at the point that I make a “date” with them, we go to the mall or I sit over their shoulder while they find something on Amazon for those birthdays, Christmases and Father’s Day. Yes, I know–no surprises, but I’m sick of having to take or send things back–so forget the surprise element! Like Patrick–my husband isn’t into the relaxing thing–but I finally got something he really did want and need–an ergonomic computer chair! Thanks for the ideas! I think they would work great with my sons!

    1. Oh, an ergonomic computer chair sounds like something I might like…hahhaha! At least I know I’m not alone in struggling with buying gifts for the men in my life. I’ve tried to ask Patrick for ideas but he never has any. I think he secretly enjoys making me go crazy trying to find him something. That man 😉

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