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Valentine’s Day Coffee Bar Decorations

It’s only fitting that I’d be totally in love with my Valentine’s Day Coffee Bar Decorations since the holiday is all about love! Stop by the lake and find some Valentine’s Day decorating inspiration for your own home. 

Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

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Love is in the air here at the lake and I’ve been dying to share the love with you, my friend! I truly wish I could snap my fingers and have my ideas magically appear on my blog but you and I both know that’s pretty much impossible. 

The reality is I have to first come up with an idea, buy all my materials, do all the decorating, photograph everything just right, and then finally write about it before posting it on the blog. 

It’s quite the process…but I love it so much and can’t imagine doing anything else!

Realistically though, it takes me a couple of days to have something show up live on my website. For someone like me who loves to share all my ideas on Instagram ASAP, it takes a ton of self-control to not spill the beans about a post too soon. 

Most of the time I can keep things on the down-low with a little mental pep talk. “Tiffany, get ahold of yourself girl! Don’t ruin the surprise for your followers.”  

But then there are times, times like tonight, where I know I’ll probably be up way past midnight writing this post but I don’t mind one bit. I needed to show you how adorable my Valentine’s Day decorations turned out and I literally couldn’t wait until tomorrow to do it!

I had way too much fun decorating my bar area for Valentine’s Day. I’m truly a sucker for hearts and all things pink! And because you know I’m obsessed with my blues and teals, I had to sneak a few hints of the colors in my Valentine’s Day decor too. It’s a personal challenge for me to add those colors to all my home decor. 

Take a look at some of my other decor if you don’t believe me: Easter, Summer, Halloween, Winter Holidays

One of my favorite places to decorate within my home is the bar area. Our bar was custom made for us and is a major focal point in our kitchen and dining room area. I love to deck it out for all the holidays and Valentine’s Day wasn’t any exception.

Are you ready to take a look around? Your tour awaits you…

Valentine’s Day Coffee Bar Decorations

For the record, our custom bar doubles as a coffee bar and regular bar too. It’s a beast of a space to decorate but I just love doing it! It’s the final product that gets my heart racing.

Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

The coffee bar side of our custom bar is home to a Keurig, Nespresso, a smaller shelf for coffee mugs, and a two-tiered galvanized tray to hold all our coffee supplies. You’ll also notice three canisters that we use to hold our loose coffee, tea bags, and hot chocolate packets.

Valentine's Day Tiered Tray Decor

I love finding small, flat plates to place in front of my Keurig as a spoon rest. This LOVE plate was a Cracker Barrel find from years ago. Isn’t it just adorable?

"Love" spoon rest

"Love" glass tray

I decorated my two-tiered tray with a few small heart plates as well as a couple of heart canisters I found at Target. I went into great detail on my Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray Decor and all the items used in my last post. I even added a fun video of it as well so you can see it up close and personal!

Something else I love adding to my tiered tray…themed coffee stirrers! I hit the jackpot with these XO and Love stirrers I found at Target. 

Valentine's Day Tiered Tray Decor

Moving over to the adults-only side of the bar you’ll notice my white cake stand from Home Goods. I placed heart-shaped ramekins I found at Michaels on top along with a foam teal XO. I purchased the value pack of the XO’s for just a few bucks at Target. For the price, I think they make quite a statement! 

Valentine's Day Decorations

Directly above the cake stand, you’ll notice some fun Valentine’s Day blocks. They are the same blocks I used for my Easter decor. I love the blocks because they’re interchangeable for multiple holidays. The pink heart is just a cute frame I found at the Target Dollar Spot. 

I love my white pitcher from Target! To add some Valentine’s Day vibes to the pitcher I simply placed some fresh flowers in the pitcher.

The plant on top of the cake stand is a faux plant and vase combination I purchased from IKEA. I use it year-round but try to add a little something inside of it for each holiday or season. For example, I added webbing and spiders for Halloween and red berries for Christmas. For Valentine’s Day, I opted to add little Valentine’s Day picks I found at Dollar Tree.

Valentine's Day picks in plant

I also have three different mini succulents I also purchased from IKEA. To tie them into the Valentine’s Day theme, I plopped some heart stickers from the Dollar Tree on them.

Succulent plant with heart sticker on vase

You’ll also notice a few more XO foam letters placed across the top cabinets of the bar. The cute heart banner draped across the top was also found at Target. 

Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

Last but not least, my LOVE sign is front and center for all to see. This was super expensive, NOT! It was a whopping dollar at the Dollar Tree. What a total score, right?!

Love sign from Dollar Tree

These Valentine’s Day coffee bar decorations have my heart skipping a beat! Will you be decorating for Valentine’s Day this year? Everyone could use a little extra love in their home, don’t you think?

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Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

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    1. Thank you!! And of course we’re both great, lol 💗 Heading over to see your decor now.

    1. Yes! I know your precious little ones would love it 💗 Thanks for the comment, Brittany.

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  2. Love all your Valentine decoration.keep the rest of the money for St Patrick’s Day and Easter 🐣💋🥰 Titi

  3. These Valentine’s decorations are absolutely adorable! I especially love the white pitcher with the willow branches you decorated with hearts–that is the coolest idea I’ve seen for a long time–novel and fun! I also loved that darling polka-dot heart-shaped plate in your wire basket–I love anything polka-dot! You have such great ideas, Tiffany–and what never ceases to amaze me is how you manage (no matter the holiday) to incorporate all your wonderful teal colors. Such an inspiration!

    1. Lol!! You might say I’m obsessed with teal… I never thought I’d be a decorator for Valentine’s Day but now I’m “in love” with it. Thank you for your sweet words 💗

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I love the challenge of adding teals and blues to all my seasonal decor. It’s fun for me 🙂

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