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Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor

Spruce up your home this February with these Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor ideas. You’ll fall in love with these Valentine’s Day decor ideas for your fireplace mantel. 

Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

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Love is in the air over here at the lake and I have been going to town in the home decorating department the past couple of weeks. I shared my Valentine’s Day coffee bar and Valentine’s Day tiered tray decor over the weekend. Now I’m finally ready to share my Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor too. 

Valentine's Day Coffee Bar Decorations

It’s been a process decorating my fireplace mantel for the mere fact that I’ve been bit by the crafting bug as of late. I found the absolute best Dollar Tree I’ve ever been to and I’m finding myself making weekly visits to buy craft supplies so I can create more handmade items to fit in with my holiday decor.

It started back in September when I created buffalo check pumpkin wreaths and continued straight through to Christmas where I found myself making snowmen out of plastic bowls and white garland. I can’t begin to tell you how much time I’ve been spending on Pinterest looking for inspiration over the past several months. Let’s just say it has been a lot!

The minute the calendar hit January, I was already thinking, “How do I decorate my mantel for Valentine’s Day?” I can’t be the only one who feels like their house is bare after pulling down all their Christmas decorations, can I? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor

Valentine's Day Mantel DecorFor my Valentine’s Day decor, I decided to try my hand at making a heart garland and Dollar Tree heart-shaped wreath. Both are super simple craft projects I happened to find on Pinterest. I was super excited about how beautiful they both came out.

heart-shaped mesh wreath

Beyond those two projects I had in mind, I didn’t have much of a plan other than to go to the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot in hopes of finding Valentine’s Day items that “spoke” to me. I was lucky to pick up some great items from both places.

When it comes to shopping for home decor, I find myself always frequenting the same places: Target, Dollar Tree, HomeGoods, Kirkland’s, Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, and Marshalls. Where do you find the best luck for your home decor pieces? I’m always looking for more places to shop. Wink, wink!

fireplace mantel Valentine's Day decorations

I also went shopping in my own home for items that would mesh well with my Valentine’s Day decor. I’ve got to tell you, with a little creativity, you can really find a lot of home decor within your own stash of decor pieces. I like to look for neutral pieces that can easily be intertwined with any decor motif. I also search for items that are specific to the color scheme I’m trying to achieve for that particular holiday or season. 

I shared a ton of insight on how to easily transition your home decor from season to season in this previous post on the blog. I discuss in detail how to pick staple home decor items that you can use over and over again as the seasons change. Not only will the post save you brain cells and many headaches, but it will also save you some money too! Anyone else out there spending way too much money on seasonal items like me? The struggle is definitely real!

Valentine's Day decorations on a fireplace

The easiest project on the entire mantel has to be my framed artwork pieces. I purchased two pretty gift bags from Dollar Tree and cut them down to size to fit within my frames. For two dollars plus tax, I have beautiful focal pieces of art to display on my fireplace mantel. 

Valentine's Day gift bags

I used the same idea back in December when decorating my lake house master bedroom for Christmas. If you don’t want to purchase gift bags, you can always use scrapbook paper or even gift wrapping paper to add inside your frames. The best part is, you can buy frames that fit your decor and simply switch out the inserts per holiday and season. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

heart gift bag

Valentine's Day gift bagValentine's Day Decorations

Flowers, books, candlesticks, and seasonal signs always find their way into my fireplace mantel decor. I use a mixture of all of these home decor items to add height and visual appeal to my mantel. For me, I like to start in the middle of the mantel with my shortest items. I then work my way out to the right and left making sure that I’m adding similar heights and groupings.

It takes some finagling the first time you try to create a mantel setting, but it gets easier after that. Once you have an eye for the way things look on your mantel, it’s easier to swap out similar items for the different holidays and seasons. Case in point, the frames I shared earlier.

fireplace mantel Valentine's Day decorations

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about how my Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor turned out. It was exactly what I needed to brighten up my home after the somber days following the removal of our Christmas decorations. I hope you find inspiration from my Valentine’s Day decorations and look for ways to add some holiday love into your own home!

Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

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Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

Valentine's Day Mantel Decor

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  1. What a clever idea to turn Valentine’s bags into a darling picture! I need to try that! I’ve taken calendar pictures and framed them–but not bags. Such a great idea for every holiday! And love your Valentine’s wreath! Like you–I frequent the same stores, but I haven’t heard of Kirkland’s–is this an East Coast chain? Thank you again for so many amazing ideas–such fun!

    1. I love your idea to use calendar photos for frames. I might have to grab a few dollar calendars when I visit the Dollar Tree again!

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