Welcoming a New Addition to Our Family!

Welcoming a New Addition to Our FamilyNo recipe or party planning tip today. I won’t be sharing any organizing hacks or writing about our latest lake adventure either. I’ve been busy this week and it’s for a very good reason. This Tuesday, at 5:02 pm, we were at the hospital welcoming a new addition to our family! My cousin Chelsea gave birth to her second child, Emily Grace. I was honored to be part of the birth and witness firsthand, one of life’s many miracles.  It was truly an experience that I can’t even put into words but I guess I’ll try just for you.

Emily was a teeny little thing weighing in at just 6 pounds, 5 ounces. This is a good thing for my cousin Chelsea who is itty bitty herself. Ladies, she gained a whopping 10 pounds total during her pregnancy! So not fair, right? Check out the awesome Baby Sprinkle my mom and me threw for Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and see for yourself. She was literally ALL belly. Lucky her!

I’m grateful that I was asked to be part of the birthing experience. This was the second time to be in the delivery room since I was also in there when my cousin had her first baby, Alexis. Having your own baby, and watching someone else have a baby, are two completely different experiences. I’d like to state for the record that I definitely prefer watching better! I’d rather help someone get through the pain, then be the one feeling the pain if you catch my drift.😝

Welcoming a New Addition to Our FamilyNot to brag or anything BUT I did get to cut the umbilical cord AND I was also the first person to hold Emily. The first one after her mom of course. I say this jokingly because I shoved it in my mom and Zach’s faces just a tiny bit at the hospital. I couldn’t quite help myself!

Welcoming a New Addition to Our FamilyNow that Emily is here what happens next? Chelsea and her husband Matt are very fortunate to have so many people wanting to lend a helping hand now that Emily has arrived. Is someone you know having a baby soon? Wondering how you can help the new parents?

Here are a couple of ways you can help the new parents:

  1. If this isn’t their first child, offer to help watch the other children for them. This is not only for when they are in the hospital but when they come home as well. This will be beneficial to the parents who are most likely exhausted, and the other children who are feeling left out now that this brand new baby has arrived.
  2. Offer to walk their dogs or care for their pets while they are in the hospital.
  3. Stop by with food once the parents return from the hospital. They will love you!
  4. Come over and help watch the baby for a bit while the parents shower or take a nap.
  5. Offer to run any errands that need to be done.

This is just a tiny list of ideas but something to get you started. 👍

I must say, this whole thing is so surreal. Just like that, we have another family member. Another little person for the holidays this year. An extra seat for all our family gatherings. How amazing! It’s truly one of life’s miracles. Thank you to my cousin Chelsea and her husband Matt for allowing me to be a part of it all. If given the opportunity to experience the birth of a child, take it. You won’t regret it!

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