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White Claw Wine Spritzer

This White Claw Wine Spritzer is the perfect summer cocktail for all my White Claw and wine lovers in the world. This easy White Claw mixed drink recipe is ready to go in a minute flat. Go make yourself one, ASAP! 

White Claw Wine Spritzer

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Happy Thirsty Thursday to you! Honestly and truly, it has become my favorite day of the week! Give this girl a cocktail plus a lake view and you won’t have to worry about me for the rest of the afternoon. 

Today’s refreshing adult-beverage idea features two of my favorite drinks: White Claw and wine. The best part about this cocktail is you don’t have to worry about mixing, blending, or prepping anything at all. You simply pour some white wine, add a little White Claw on top, and you’ve got yourself a White Claw Wine Spritzer.

Quite frankly, I’m a little annoyed I didn’t think of this drink concoction sooner. Especially when wine and White Claws are my “go-to” drink choices when I don’t feel like whipping up something fancy like a strawberry or spicy margarita. 

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll pretty much always see me on the pontoon sipping one or the other; wine or White Claws. I just love them both so much!

The idea for this week’s Thirsty Thursday came from a recipe I fell upon while scrolling through Pinterest. The recipe was for a simple wine spritzer including white wine and then topped with club soda. It looked easy enough and sounded so refreshing!

Recently, I have been obsessed with flavored sparkling waters and my first instinct was to just substitute the club soda from the original recipe with one of those fruity drinks instead. And most likely, I will probably try that at some point down the line but I wasn’t sure that particular drink would bring the WOW factor that I like to deliver every Thirsty Thursday.

Woman drinking Bubly sparkling water

It took a little thinking on my part but I ultimately ended up deciding to try a little bit of White Claw in my wine to see how it would taste. Obviously, it was a huge success and I knew I found my winner for this week’s cocktail.

The key ingredient in a wine spritzer is WINE which means you are meant to taste the flavor of the wine through the cocktail. Because of this, this White Claw Wine Spritzer calls for three-parts wine to one-part White Claw. 

Here’s the thing though, you’re the one drinking this cocktail so you make it to your own preferences. I am a true believer in customizing any recipe to your likings. If you want more White Claw and less wine, be my guest! 

And while we’re talking about customizing this drink to your likings, let’s talk a little about the types of wine and White Claws you can choose from. Yes, you can pick any white wine or White Claw you fancy!

Here are some white wine options I would recommend:

  • Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris (dry white)
  • Chardonnay (dry white)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (dry white)
  • Riesling (can range from dry to sweet)
  • Moscato (the sweetest option)

White Claws are currently available in these flavors:

  • Natural Lime
  • Raspberry
  • Ruby Grapefruit
  • Black Cherry
  • Mango 
  • Tangerine 
  • Lemon 
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Clementine
  • Pure

For my White Claw Wine Spritzer, I opted for Pinot Grigio and a raspberry White Claw. I do, however, want to state for the record that I will be experimenting with different combinations throughout the summer because WHY NOT! You’ll want to make sure you’re following me on Instagram so you can join right along with me.

Whatever flavor combination you decide on, the one thing you must be sure of is you use super duper cold wine and White Claw. A wine spritzer has to be ice-cold, like a beer, to truly enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed. 

To keep it cold while you’re drinking it, I recommend throwing some frozen grapes or berries into your glass as I did. Plastic ice cubes are also a good idea. Both options keep your drinks cold without watering them down!

Frozen grapes in the wine glass

White Claw Wine Spritzer

white wine and raspberry white claw

You’ll need: ¾ cup of any white wine, ¼ cup of any flavor White Claw

Add ¾ cup of white wine into your glass.

Next, top with the White Claw flavor of your choice. 

white wine and White Claw in wine glass

Add in frozen fruit or ice to keep your drink cold.


White Claw Wine Spritzer

Before I send you on your merry way to enjoy this spritzer, I wanted to share a couple of fun cocktail accessory ideas with you. For starters, why not customize your own wine glass as I did with some glass etching cream. It’s so simple to do and I have all the directions laid out for you in this easy step-by-step glass etching tutorial.

Etched Wine Glass with Anchor

If you’re planning on serving these White Claw Wine Spritzers at a party, I highly recommend purchasing some fun wine markers. They’re super adorable and help your guests keep track of which glass is theirs. They tend to be a great conversation starter too!

Also, cute cocktail napkins are a must whenever you’re hosting a party or gathering. I picked a few fun ones for you to choose from below. I personally have a drawer filled with just cocktail napkins for different occasions. Is that weird of me?

All three cocktail accessories I just mentioned make wonderful hostess gifts if you’re invited to someone’s home for a party or gathering. A nice bottle of wine accompanied by any of these three options would be amazing to give to the host. At least I know I would love it!

There you have it, my friend. Another Thirsty Thursday edition in the books. This White Claw Wine Spritzer is definitely going to be something I see myself indulging in all summer long. I’m hoping you’ll be right there with me!

White Claw Wine Spritzer

Tequila Thursday Cocktails

Thirsty Thursday

White Claw Wine Spritzer

White Claw Wine Spritzer

Prep Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute

This White Claw Wine Spritzer is the perfect summer cocktail for all my White Claw and wine lovers in the world. This easy White Claw mixed drink recipe is ready to go in a minute flat. Go make yourself one, ASAP!


  • 3/4 cup of any white wine, 1/4 cup of White Claw (any flavor), fruit for garnish (optional)


  1. Add ¾ cup of your white wine into your glass.
  2. Next, top with the White Claw flavor of your choice. 
  3. Add in frozen fruit or ice to keep your drink cold.
  4. Enjoy!


This drink can be customizable to your liking. See post for white wine and White Claw flavor options.

Want to remember this? Post this White Claw Wine Spritzer recipe to your favorite Pinterest board!

White Claw Wine Spritzer

White Claw Wine Spritzer

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